ENTITY Mag recommends The Financial Diet

As a freshman in high school, Chelsea Fagan got her first credit card. Without really understanding how the credit system works, she maxed out her credit limit, threw out the card without paying the bill. She ruined her credit. Nobody had taught her how to handle money responsibly, so she had to learn the hard way.

To prevent credit ruin from happening again, Fagan started a personal blog to track her budget. The blog has turned into The Financial Diet, which is now a platform about “personal finance and living better (without being boring)” that aims to open the conversation about money, share advice and to educate young adults.

Sooner or later we all have to learn how to handle money. Some, like Fagan, do so the hard way. Because of that experience, she wants to help others to learn in a comfortable, easily digestible way through The Financial Diet. Here’s why you should go on The Financial Diet.

It offers diversity

ENTITY Mag recommends The Financial Diet



Now Fagan runs The Financial Diet with Graphic Designer Lauren Ver Hage. Their team consists of another five women and multiple guest contributors. Anyone who has something to share about anything related to money can submit a blog post and end up being published. This allows for a plethora of perspectives, experiences and tips.


Aside from money, the topics include career tips, college finances, budgeting for your lifestyle and travel and how to manage your money to live your dream life. Moreover, each of these categories offers even more sub-topics.

On The Financial Diet, any young adult can find a relatable perspective and helpful answers for some, if not all, money questions.

Easy to digest

The blog articles are easy to read but if reading is not your thing, you can watch The Financial Diet’s YouTube videos. Not every article has a complimentary video, but the team at The Financial Diet has created over 160 brief videos that branch into the different subject categories that are also addressed on the website.

One of the most watched videos is “8 Money Mistakes We Made (So You Don’t Have To).”

It’s free

The first smart money move you can make is to take advantage of this free and informative resource. Doing so won’t cost you any money but can ultimately save you some.

ENTITY Mag recommends The Financial Diet


Long story short…

Many say that money is a topic to avoid. We don’t really learn how to budget properly when we are in school, and those who learn about it from their parents are the lucky few. In addition, times change and chances are the money issues young adults face now didn’t exist for previous generations. Luckily, The Financial Diet offers free easily digestible advice from a variety of different viewpoints that is relevant today.

“No one could have been worse with money than I was. And a big part of that was that I hated talking about [money] because I thought it was scary and I wanted to avoid it,” said Fagan in a YouTube video. “[But] since I have gotten smarter about money, pretty much my whole life is better, which is kind of our philosophy.”

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