Deaf people are sick of your ignorant questions.

Look, it’s fine to not understand something you’ve never experienced. But if you really want to learn, you’re going to have to be a little more respectful and sensitive of the people you’re requesting information from. I mean, you’re asking them for something.

Can you imagine if someone just walked up to you and asked how you had sex? Or how you had babies? You’d be pretty shocked and offended, right? And yet somehow, since Bea is deaf, people feel perfectly comfortable asking that. Not okay.

And this hilarious Scot is setting the record straight in an LOL-worthy video for BBC social. She says, “if you’re curious about us deaf people and want to ask questions, go ahead.” However, there are some that maybe you should rethink.

Such as, “You’re too pretty to be deaf?” Not really a question, for one thing. For another, it’s incredibly stupid. Obviously not how that works. “Oh, but you’re too ugly to be hearing,” Bea jokes in response.

“But you don’t look deaf?” Wow. She’s also had to explain that the ear and womb actually aren’t connected or related at all AKA deaf people can still have babies. Go figure!

“Honestly, I expected nothing from you, and I’m still let down,” Bea says. Hey, fair enough.

I mean, who could blame her for not wanting to answer these ridiculous questions? Not only are they offensive, but they’re pretty stupid. Can no one just use Google anymore?

There’s even an Incognito Window on Chrome so that no one can see your stupid, stupid searches, like “How do deaf people have sex?”

So, please, follow Bea’s advice and try not to be a dick to deaf people.

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