When you think of what inspirational women eats, what foods come to mind? Healthy meals full of diverse fruits and vegetables? What about organic produce and meats? According to this video from AsapScience, the modern woman might want to rethink joining the organic trend.

Some of the mind-blowing facts this video includes? Here are a few highlights:

  • Organic fruits and vegetables aren’t free of fertilizers or pesticides; they just aren’t synthetically made. AKA, that elegant dinner of organic greens and pasta may still be covered in harmful chemicals.
  • “Organic” foods only have to contain 95 percent organic ingredients. Just as the man who sounds like your soulmate based on his Tinder profile may not be the real deal, the same can be said of organic products.
  • Organic crop yields are typically 25 percent less productive than conventional yields … which means more farmland is used with non-organic crops. As a result, organic may not be 100 percent awesome for the environment.
  • Researchers have found that organic foods aren’t any healthier than conventional foods, though women and men who eat organic foods may boast slightly higher levels of certain vitamins.

Whether you’ve never heard of the organic trend before or you’ve bookmarked the organic recipes your favorite female celebrities swear by, this video can help you decide if organic is the way to go.

Edited by Ellena Kilgallon

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