Entity shares 5 etiquette rules that should be brought back

Because the answer to virtually every question in the world is only a Google search away, men and women are in the unique position of having to redefine the way people interact with each other. With the world changing at its current pace, the Victorian notions of etiquette have long since fallen into disuse.

This could be a good thing, considering many of the sexist, almost arbitrary confines that were placed on women throughout the ages. (Don’t lift your skirt too high above the ankles – really?) However, there are some etiquette gems that deserve their moments in the sun.

Here are ENTITY’S top five old etiquette rules that need to be brought back.

1 Take the last of a food dish at a party.

We’ve all been there. Someone brought the best apple pie in the world to the potluck, but at the end of the night, there is always that one slice left behind. Everyone in the room is trying not to be that person, but this excessive bout of politeness means a delicious slice is left spoiling on the plate.

According to the author of “Searchlights on Health,” an etiquette manual written in 1904, taking that last bit of pie is the best thing to do in that situation! It communicates success to the man or woman who brought that dish and makes cleaning up so much easier. You don’t need Google to know that this advice results in a win/win!

2 Start a conversation with interesting facts.

Dr. Jefferis, author of “Searchlights on Health” gives his advice on how to initiate small talk with other people. Apparently, asking about the other person’s family life or work is rude. Even thinking about mentioning the weather is inconceivable. Instead, go the creative route and kick start your conversation with an engaging and objective fact worthy of Jeopardy’s Grand Finale.

So the next time you’re meeting your Tindr date, greet him or her with, “Hi, I’m (your name) and depending on the type and habitat of a snail, it can breathe using either lungs or gills!” Not only will these facts provide entertainment, but they can also trigger personal growth by constantly teaching people something new. 

3 Give privacy to those recovering from last night,

No, I don’t know where my other shoe went. (It’s actually at a friend’s house, buried beneath last night’s party entrails.) Yes, that smell wafting through the bus is coming from me. And yes, I can tell that you are periodically turning around in your seat to stare at my attempts to put my life back together after the weekend. Just … give me a minute. Next time you see something in need for a little TLC, follow your elders’ advice and look away!

4 Have deference for the family matriarch.

Too often in our society, people who age past 60 are ignored. Grandchildren are nowadays more interested in what is going on within their friend groups and on their Netflix accounts to realize that their grandmothers are gems. Not only are they wells of information, advice and stories, they can also use their wisdom to help you through the tough moments in life.

5 Don’t cheat while playing a game with people.

Not only does this look bad on your character, but what good will lying to win go fish do for you in the long run? Sure, it’s instantly gratifying to be the (cheating) winner, but imagine what would happen if your friends found out. Or even worse, imagine how much fun everyone would not have if they knew you were cheating as you all were playing the game. All in all, just don’t do it. Instead, play the game the fair way. After all, you’re playing for entertainment, not global supremacy.

So the next time you’re at a house party, searching for your soulmate at your favorite bar or just spending time with friends, make sure to take the leftovers home, talk about something interesting (or witty) and play fair. You’ll find that being kind and well-mannered will always be in style.

Edited by Casey Cromwell

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