ENTITY Academy 2018 included a special lesson on Adobe XD taught by Adobe Instructor, Demian Borba. Mentees learned how to create wireframes for their personal website and mobile app using Adobe XD. Thanks to ENTITY’s partnership with Adobe, ENTITY Envoys graduated the program with one-year Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions.


ENTITY partnered with The Female Quotient to create 40 social dashboards for their network of executive women. Each dashboard included a personalized social styling guide with fonts, colors, and graphics along with advice on social media practices for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

ENTITY partnered with Nordstrom Local and UGG to promote their evening event full of shopping, cocktails and styling.




• "Biggest (and earliest) line for an event we've had."

• "Attendance was the highest for an event we've had (even though we capped the RSVPs lower than usual)."

• "People stayed much longer than usual."



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