Hillary Ojeda

"If you want to be surrounded by wonderful women and learn how to effectively write SEO articles, ENTITY is your place. They make you feel welcomed, appreciated and challenged all at the same time. I had a great time with the ENTITY team. Thanks for having me!"


(B.A. in Anthropology, UC Berkeley / M.S. in Journalism, Columbia University)



Eliza Britt

"At ENTITY, I have learned what it means to be a Woman That Does. I have met, both through my peers and the incredible speakers, #WomenThatDo and women I aspire to become."


(B.A. in English / Spring 2019, Princeton University)


Josephine Djuhana

"Honestly, my biggest gain at ENTITY was having Jennifer as a mentor. Throughout the rest of USC business school, I bounced a lot of ideas off her. This was especially true when it came to choosing my first post-business school job. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I would have taken Bain & Company. I didn’t really like the idea of having to move away from LA again; however, she helped me put things in long-term perspective, rather than wanting instant gratification. This is a very common mistake many young people make, and ENTITY helped me take the long view."


(Bain & Company, Consultant)


Adriana Serrato

"ENTITY teaches the importance of embracing your strengths and pushes you to become a leader who helps others grow, as I have through this experience." 


(M.F.A. in Film and Television Production / Fall 2017, University of Southern California) 


Annabel Schulz

"At ENTITY, I have discovered my love of writing by adding personality to my pieces." 


(B.A. in Justice and Peace Studies / Spring 2019, Georgetown University) 



Susan Rockefeller Testimonial

Jasmyne Peck-Bailey

"ENTITY taught me how to evaluate and play to my strengths."


(M.F.A. in Film and Television Production / Spring 2019, University of Southern California) 



Kyleigh Hoye

"At ENTITY, I have learned how to write efficiently without sacrificing meaning."


(B.A. Theatre Arts / Fall 2018, Concordia University Irvine) 



Anthea Taeuber

"ENTITY has not only taught me to have a voice, but also to make sure that voice is as open as it is directed."


(B.S. in Diplomacy and World Affairs with a concentration in Sustainability / Spring 2019, Occidental College) 



Giulliana De La Rosa

"Here at ENTITY, women are empowered to exercise their creativity and learn new skill sets that will open doors to new opportunities."


(B.S. in Public Relations and Marketing / Spring 2018, Ashford University) 



J. Kendall Allen

"ENTITY has taught me the importance of being introspective." 


(B.S. in Business Administration and Urban Environmental Studies, Birmingham Southern College) 



Stephanie Mejia

"At ENTITY, I've learned that it's important to believe in yourself and your talents. Have some confidence in yourself. It can take you a long way."


(B.A. in Journalism & Communications Studies / Spring 2020, Citrus College) 



Entity Testimonial

Ashley Alexander

"At ENTITY, I learned how important it is to work alongside strong women and to be able to support each other."


(B.S. in Public Relations / Spring 2018, San Jose State University) 



Frances Senigram

"ENTITY has taught me to foster an open and fun work environment and to work hard at something you're passionate about."


(B.S. in Business Administration / Spring 2018, University of Redlands) 



Elena Ender

"ENTITY taught me to pursue my passions. If you have enough drive and love for something, you can succeed. You shouldn't have to settle for something you're not crazy about."


(B.A. in Literature / Spring 2018, Azusa Pacific University) 



Entity Testimonial

Ellena Kilgallon

"When I first started my internship with ENTITY more than a year ago, I was taking the biggest risk of my life. Fresh out of college, I was floundering, not knowing what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. Everything changed when I started at ENTITY. I didn’t know anyone there. I didn’t know how a magazine worked. But as part of the inaugural editorial team, I knew I was part of something special. 


After progressing through the internship and into a full-time job at ENTITY, I got the chance to write, to edit and to coordinate social media. Just as importantly, I met a group of immensely talented and hard-working women, some of whom would become my closest friends.


When the office centralized in Los Angeles, I moved on. And though my new job was different in many ways, the skills I’d learned from over a year of working at ENTITY became essential to my success. I quickly realized that the tools I’d picked up and polished were indispensable to my new career.


The time I spent at ENTITY was defining for me. I met amazing people, learned valuable skills and launched a career that I love. For those reasons, I will always be thankful that I stumbled upon that internship application more than a year ago."


(B.A. in Literature and Writing / Spring 2016, California State University San Marcos)



Angelica Pronto

"Although ENTITY has given me the opportunity to meet and take a class taught by an award-winning journalist, to watch a private show by the American Contemporary Ballet and to work in a fast-paced startup company launched by two incredible #WomenThatDo, it's given me something more valuable. My most memorable moments at ENTITY are colored with resounding laughter, genuine camaraderie and honest conversations about worries, experiences and aspirations."


(B.A. in Literature and Writing / Spring 2016, University of California San Diego)



Samantha Lima

"If you would have asked me if I could write 11 articles in one day, my mouth probably would have dropped open and said 'No way.' ENTITY pushed me and now I am capable of so much more than I expected of myself.  Being able to work on a vast amount of material  has educated me on topics I wasn't familiar with and has ultimately bettered me as a person."


(B.A. in Communication and Media Studies / Spring 2017, Pace University)



Justine Morales

"Wherever I end up after this phase of my career and life, I know I'll be prepared. Even if I head into another field with little experience, I've learned that it's ok to not know what you're doing at first. Figuring out how to do the best job you can do at work is just as satisfying as actually doing a good job. I feel like wherever I end up, I'll always look back on my time at ENTITY and say, 'I can handle this.'" 


(B.A. in Creative Writing and Music / Spring 2016, University of Redlands)



Casey Cromwell

"At ENTITY, I was not only valued for writing but as a mentor who was also being mentored by the other ranks of ENTITY. Every woman is helping each other no matter their status within the company."


(M.F.A. in Creative Nonfiction / Spring 2020, Minnesota State University)



Hillary Litherland

" ENTITY provided a space for us to grow and develop as writers as well as women and achievers. Not only did this experience push us, it also led us on a journey that will shape and change who we are as women of the world. It embraced our individuality and cultivated a sense of purpose and belonging for us in an industry that can be difficult to break into. It celebrated us, championed us, challenged us and called us into an experience far more valuable than any dollar amount or college unit measurement.


ENTITY taught me so much about what it means to be a good writer, what it means to find integrity and purpose in the everyday and how knowing yourself is one of the strongest career moves you can make as a woman."


(B.A. in English Language and Literature / Spring 2015, Point Loma Nazarene University)



Harmony Birch

"The ENTITY mentorship program gave me so much confidence when I went back to college. Before ENTITY, I had never worked for a daily publication. The mentorship program taught me how to take charge and how to be a real leader. It helped me find my specific brand of feminine leadership." 


(B.A. in Communication, Journalism and Related Programs / Spring 2017, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts)



Josephine Djuhana

"At ENTITY, I was trained to strategically think about your key audience. Sometimes, businesses think they want to sell to everyone on the planet, but segmentation and smart targeting is really the way to go."


(Bain & Company, Consultant)


Natalie Cahill

"I couldn’t begin to express how much I have learned and grown as a writer and a person. The way Jennifer Wangers treats her mentees is admirable and awe-inspiring, and having the opportunity to do things like fly an airplane was incomparable." 


(B.A. in Creative Writing, Prose and Fiction Writing / Spring 2020, Sarah Lawrence College)



Katharine Mound

" ENTITY taught me how to be creative with my writing while maintaining a personal flair that distinguishes my work from someone else’s.


If you look at my writing from the beginning of ENTITY's mentorship program and read what I’ve been writing recently, it’s impossible not to see a difference and how much it’s changed. My writing is more stylized and it penetrates the heart of the subject matter I discuss. With the help of writing workshops and Jennifer’s mentoring, I was able to define what my writing should look like for an Internet audience – a task that by no means is a piece of cake." 


(B.A. in Art History, English and Creative Writing / Spring 2019, Brandeis University)



Carmen Campbell

"ENTITY's mentorship program gave me hands-on journalism experience. I learned how to find common ground with people I didn't know so I could have a conversation and ask questions to get important information."


(B.A. in International Studies and Motion Pictures Production / Spring 2019, University of Miami)



Sara Butler

"ENTITY was a chance to dip my digital pen into the Internet world to see if I have what it takes to make it in the age of half-alive journalism. After the mentorship program, I feel ready to make my dent. As I transition into the real world, I feel the strength underneath my fingertips as I type job resumes, cover letters and sample submissions. I feel that strength spill itself out on blank paper – or word documents – to materialize into something magical.


I may be leaving ENTITY, but I’m taking this strength wherever I go. Because in or out of this magazine's office space, I will always be one of the #WomenThatDo."  


(B.A. in Communication and Media Studies / Spring 2016, University of San Diego)



Amy Grossinger

" ENTITY has, without a doubt, changed me, and I will always be grateful to Jennifer for that. Jennifer enabled me to explore a completely new way of life, and now I know more about where I fit in this world."


(B.A. in Literature / Spring 2019, University of California Santa Cruz)



Alicia Holliday

" ENTITY gave me the opportunity to collaborate with other women. I've been able to carry everything I've learned into my professional life to get the opportunities I have today. 


ENTITY has also helped build my confidence as a woman in the professional environment and in my personal life. Now, I'm not afraid to be assertive – to say what I need, what I want and to know that I can have a voice."


(B.A. in Comparative Literature / Winter 2017, Beloit College)



Caitlin Devereaux

" ENTITY's regimen helped me in USC law school because of the time limit on exams that require you to write quickly and well. ENTITY also helped me with interviews and meeting with professionals. I am much better at conversing and building rapport."


(J.D. in Law / Spring 2019, University of Southern California)



An Nguyen

" ENTITY taught me how to be proactive. In also learned how to formulate my words to relate and appeal a general audience; my communication skills have grown immensely from this internship." 


(B.A. in Art History and Environmental Studies / Spring 2019, University of California Santa Barbara)


Adrienne Sigeti

" ENTITY allowed me to work with a great group of women who inspired me to work towards more projects and put myself out there." 


(B.A. in English Language and Literature / Spring 2015, Mills College)



Sutheshna Mani

"The SEO project Jennifer had me work on was really beneficial for my resume. I've noticed that nowadays, if you want to work for online media, employers look for SEO experience, a background in market research and a knowledge in what kind of content gets more readership."  


(B.A. in Communication and Media Studies / Spring 2017, Cornell University)



Ruoran Wang

"ENTITY's mentorship program was my first real professional experience in the United States. It helped me get used to and succeed in a different culture."

(M.S. in Journalism / Spring 2017, University of Southern California)


Heather Logan

To future ENTITY graduates,


I have had the pleasure of working for ENTITY’s founder, Jennifer Schwab, for four years in a number of roles within her portfolio of businesses. During this time, she took me under her wing and we developed a close, sister-like bond which fostered my most important mentor relationship. Her gracious efforts acted as a pilot program which would later develop into ENTITY's mentorship academy. Only a short few years after my first job with Jennifer, I landed the role of COO for a multi-million dollar fashion brand - with her to thank. To date, the education, support, and personal and career development I was provided by working with Jennifer has proven to be one of the most important aspects to my success. 


Jennifer's resume is no doubt impressive and indicative of the caliber of C-Suite business women and industry leaders she is able to attract to participate in the program. Many times, I stood awe-struck with the weight of influence she was able to bring together in one room. She is unflinching in her level of commitment, presence, and dedication to doing her part to support the vision of ENTITY. She is a true master of many trades, from her writing and design skills to her technical and business prowess. She is emotionally intelligent and knows how to work with a range of different types of mentees. She believes in a higher standard of work performance and knows how to lead a group to excellence. In our time together, Jennifer has not only been highly skilled in her business pursuits, but an absolute joy to spend time with. Her energy is captivating and her magnetism and charisma inspires those around her. Her lust for life and adventure is infectious and is matched by her business sense, always leading by example.


Over the last few years, I observed ENTITY build and lead a modern approach to women’s mentorship, provide high level support to an impressive roster of participants, and grow into a leading program for the development of the Renaissance woman. Having the recent opportunity to meet a new round of mentorship academy graduates has capped an incredible ten-year journey for me -- from an ambitious young environmentalist to a coming of age businesswoman who has landed key positions with several leading social entrepreneurship ventures through the support of this program. Being able to support these milestones with on the ground personal and career development gave me the tools I needed to vault to a leading position in my field. After having watched this program produce several other women I admire and now have close relationships with, I can say with confidence that obtaining a coveted spot in this mentorship program positions each young woman to greatness.


As the newest generation to enter the workforce, we crave both a learning and working environment that supports the range of our character - one that is cause oriented, satisfies a variety of different interests, allows us to dive deep into our passions and uncover new ones, refines the skill sets to support them, strengthens our social networks, and elevates our lifestyle - personally, professionally, financially. ENTITY’s mentorship program does just that.


Now, as I work to promote gender equality in the workplace, I am ushering forth with a sense of knowing that all is still possible in this ever-changing world if you want it – and work for it. I have a strong belief in the future and all that I’ll make of it having the continued support of Jennifer Schwab and ENTITY.

Jennifer Marer

"I had worked with WordPress before, and I had seen the words 'SEO keywords' before, but I never realized that this was a label for a whole world of Google strategies. And I definitely hadn’t thought of the Google search engine as a business, let alone a business I had to work with.


After merely two days at ENTITY, this mindset completely changed. The Internet isn’t just a tool; it’s a game you need to analyze, understand and win. And you have to do it without cheating because the game’s growing each year.


So thank you, ENTITY Academy, for letting me explore my other interests. And thank you again for giving me a reason to continue to do so."


Emily Dorrel

"While I'm leaving the ENTITY Academy with many things I didn't begin with, the supportive community we've created is by far my most cherished. I've learned more from my fellow mentees than I could ever learn from a book or class. The resilience and perseverance I witnessed from my peers are absolutely astounding. I'm so inspired by their ability to find humor, joy and love in the hardest of situations."


Alejandra Villabona

"So, I have one more year of college left and instead of walking into it all lost and hoping for an answer to fall out from the sky, I’m walking into it knowing which direction I want to take my career. I have plans made out, internships I’ll apply for and most of all, I know my skill set.


Thank you, ENTITY Academy, for helping me find myself along the way."


Tyler Middleton

"My time at ENTITY was the perfect transition after college. I was able to enter the workforce, gain skills and develop strong, lasting relationships. ENTITY Academy is full of welcome surprises, and I was lucky enough to enjoy them."


Bria Overs

"Because these are skills that are hard to get anywhere else, I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been an ENTITY Academy mentee. As a black woman barely getting her almost post-grad life together, I feel so much more prepared for what's to come. No matter what the future looks like."


Angelica Barakat

"Why was ENTITY Academy an awesome launch pad? Because you dip your feet into the water of so many often polarized skill sets. Learning new skills and information allowed me to determine whether I enjoy something or not."


Lisa Basil

"ENTITY Academy strove to push my limits. In doing so, it forced me to learn that I am capable of so much more than I often believe because it made me do more than I thought I could. Forcing yourself to rise to a challenge is the best way to learn that you actually can do something, and it makes you more confident in yourself."


Ayleen Sanchez

"A prominent theme among the speakers we've had at ENTITY Academy is self-confidence and being comfortable putting yourself out there. In fact, it is a necessary skill to have as a woman in the workplace. Surrounded by supportive young women and affirmed by established women in business, I've been able to start the journey towards self-confidence. This confidence is my myself, in my work, in what I have done and in my potential."


Heshvah Gladden

"I love how much I grew during my time at ENTITY Academy, and I'm proud of the woman I've become."


Teresa Scaggiari

"As interns, we had the amazing opportunity to work with ENTITY’s internal design team as well as with Adobe and other design industry leaders. These lessons taught us the basics of Adobe Creative Suite programs. I learned something new when Adobe representative, Demian Borba spoke to us and showed us Adobe XD. I gained a working knowledge of ENTITY’s brand and design aesthetic. And as I went through ENTITY Academy’s design week I gained something more than I expected: confidence."


Chandler Atkins

"My acceptance into ENTITY Academy taught me that life goes in the direction it's supposed to. If I went with any other offer after college I wouldn't have met the amazing people at this program who have become like family to me. I've learned to stop worrying about whether or not I'm in the right place and to simply love my fate."


Sophie Pucker-Barnes

"I lacked confidence in my capabilities going into ENTITY Academy. Although I've always received positive feedback on my writing and it's something that's always come easily for me, I still doubted myself. After seven weeks, I'm now leaving a confident and capable writer. I've never believed in myself more than I do now. The skills that I've taken away from ENTITY will stay with me forever."


Kaitlyn Specht

"I have a midlife crisis every other week, just ask my family. I’ll often text my sister at inconvenient times with little more than “What if I became a dentist?” It’s no secret the future is scary, and when I anxiously scroll through LinkedIn looking for positions I qualify for, I’m forced to huddle up in bed and try to put it out of my mind. But ENTITY Academy changed that. They constantly tell you that you are marketable and that they’re giving you the skills you need."



Maci Koplow

"Because of ENTITY, I have a solid foundation about how to use SEO to drive traffic to my articles. I especially feel as if I learned an effective way to find SEO Keywords. I have a good knowledge of websites, such as AHREFS, which allow me to come up with a strong keyword. I learned how to pick the right keyword for my article, so that it is relevant, on trend and takes into consideration volume and the competition."


Sophia Markoski

"An integral part of ENTITY Academy is mentorship. Communication and mentorship go hand in hand. I think this aspect of ENTITY Academy is one of the most important. It creates a space to ask for help and receive meaningful feedback."


Blanca Chavez

"ENTITY Academy has been a lot of things for me during the last seven weeks. It has been both a challenge and an opportunity to discover a different side of myself.


I feel as though I gained the most from the soft skills training segments of the program. The segments included communications, relationship building and networking. My universal takeaway from each of the segments was not to force anything. Stay authentic and true to yourself and the right people will walk into your life. When they do walk in, it is your responsibility to make the best of it."


Danielle Clark

"By participating in ENTITY Academy, I've also seen the effort it takes to maintain a startup. There's so much hard work, planning and dedication put into running a startup.


I always knew there was a high amount of work that needed to be put into any startup, but I got the opportunity to actually watch it happen. In learning firsthand what type of leader I want to be and the type of business I want to run. I know that I want to have an amazing group of people around me, helping me to keep my business running efficiently. I want for people to look up to me and to have the same vision that I have for my business while creating a positive work environment."



Kelsee Majette

"I absolutely loved the freedom and independence ENTITY Academy gave me. Not once did I ever feel like my voice or actions were being restricted. I always felt empowered to be my true self and that made me want to come to work every day. I don't know any job that allows their employees to work from the pool of a luxury apartment complex or invites them to a party where they can network as interns. ENTITY Academy was everything I dreamed of and more."



Nasira Pratt

"Coming into a new environment with peers who may have more experience with you is definitely intimidating. However, the other mentees in the program were very friendly and we opened up to each other quickly. We bonded over our stress and assignments and helped to motivate each other."


Maria Kornacki

"Our internal mentors and editors were the start of our potential to meet our goals.  Being open with others is a key to building relationships.  I was able to step out of my comfort zone more by trusting people who were once strangers to help me succeed.  Not being afraid to ask questions helped me reach one of my personal goals I wanted to accomplish at the beginning of this internship."


Juan Lopez

"ENTITY taught me that hard skills and technical knowledge are important but being a good person who knows how to work in a team and can build relationships will help you go far in the professional world. I'll never forget my experiences here."



Kayla Gilchrist

"Being a part of ENTITY Academy has exposed my writing and acting to a huge audience. I was able to have my articles published on a legitimate website and can now proudly say that I am a published writer. I was also able to partake in an on-camera workshop with actress Meredith Scott Lynn who was so down-to-earth and incredibly sweet. After the workshop, I did a promotional video for ENTITY's Love Yourself Summit where I was featured on their Facebook page. If I hadn't attended the Academy, I would not have had the chance to receive this type of wide exposure on such a large platform."


Nancy Guan

"ENTITY Academy is full of wonderful mentors and editors. I had the opportunity to talk with caring and encouraging people who have helped me feel more confident personally and professionally. Not only did they give me great constructive feedback on my writing, but they also encouraged me to keep writing. Even at school, I wasn't able to get the type of feedback I received at ENTITY.


However, I also learned that mentorship is a two-way street. At times, you must seek it out in order to receive it. No one will know what you need unless you ask for it."



Fanny Martinez

"I have made incredible friendships throughout this program. For me, home isn't a place, it's the people. I believe I have found that with the people I have met through ENTITY. It will definitely not be an easy 'goodbye for now,' but every step through this entire program was worth it. Through the ups and the downs, we conquered the seven weeks, wrote our hearts out and became a family."



Marie Kim

"ENTITY Academy gave me challenging assignments but armed me with the skills to complete them. Now I have the confidence to go anywhere and know that even if I lack skills and experience, through hard work, I can do anything."


Cristina Pimentel

"During my seven weeks at ENTITY Academy, I have learned so much more than I could have ever expected."


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