ENTITY (www.entitymag.com) is a fast-growing women's media platform built around the belief that with the appropriate tools and education, women have infinite potential. Within the context of achievement, character building and worldly refinement, ENTITY encourages women to propel themselves to new levels of excellence. Our content emphasizes personal and professional growth, making the right decisions and, of course, having fun! Think of ENTITY as your big sister that will be honest with you without any ulterior motive or agenda. This is your time to shine – let ENTITY be your rock.

ENTITY is located in Los Angeles, CA.


We’re looking for 50 passionate and ambitious writers to join our search engine optimization team. ENTITY’s SEO Boot Camp will train you on the basics of on-page SEO tactics. In just seven weeks, you’ll become a master at picking the right keywords and writing SEO articles that will get your site ranked on Google.

As ENTITY CEO, Jennifer Schwab says, “Knowing how to distribute your content via Google and social networks is just as important as knowing how to write it. After all, you can write a beautiful piece, but what is the ultimate value of no one sees it?"

To apply, please visit: http://bit.ly/seo-boot-camp-application

For further inquiries, please email: apronto@entitymag.com

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