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Women That Do….

That’s what we’re about at Entity.  First, thanks for taking a minute to look us over.  We realize there are tons of other sites out there that cater to a female audience.  We believe that we are different – and potentially more valuable to you – than most (if not all) of the others. Here’s why: we are not a news site.  We are not a celebrity site.  We are not corporate owned.  We don’t even have investors. 

 So then what are we?  We are dedicated to helping you succeed in your career, in your personal relationships, to be the best you can be.  We want to inspire you, educate you, motivate you and inform you about the latest and greatest about women who are accomplishing big things. And to help you take away knowledge, improve your skillset and increase your self-confidence both in the workplace as well as personally. How will we do this?  Click on any of our masthead categories above and it should be self-explanatory. 

Thanks again for visiting and from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely hope that you will really like what we are doing at Entity.  We would love to become a frequently visited resource and ultimately, a valuable addition to your busy life.  Welcome!


Yours sincerely,

Jennifer Schwab, Editor-In-Chief

Mission Statement

Entity is a women's media platform built upon the belief that with the right tools and education, women have infinite potential. Within the context of achievement, character building and worldly refinement, Entity encourages women to propel themselves into action.

Our mission is to recognize and celebrate females whose stories take girl power to the next level. Engaging and crisp, Entity’s content aims to bring each woman’s journey to life and to inspire visitors to embrace their own voice and discover their authentic selves – be it within the confines of an urban office or a cozy home.

Entity’s spectrum will also showcase art, business, entertainment and culture. Each division of Entity is tasked with bringing its readers into worlds that are extraordinary, yet attainable.

Entity is an incubator for intellectual discussion and we aspire to create a community of driven women who can achieve their goals through insight and knowledge.

We embrace the fact that all women are in a constant state of learning. This is your classroom. To the moguls, the artists, the techies and the entrepreneurs, Entity says:

“We are the women that do.”

Entity's Political Line

Here at ENTITY, we provide a platform for all women. Even when we don't agree, we believe all female voices should be heard.

In observing the post-election mayhem that is the United States Government vs. the mainstream media, ENTITY prefers to stay above the fray, by exposing viewpoints on both sides of the aisle.

We believe that women can find enough common ground that politics should not be the decisive factor in dividing our gender.

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