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An alpha male is pretty hard to miss. It’s usually clear in a group of men that one seriously stands out as being simply better than the rest. And there’s no doubt, this guy is going to end up with an equally impressive alpha female. But, what makes a man an alpha male?

ENTITY compiled a list of the five traits you need to have to be considered an alpha male.

5 An alpha male is masculine and competitive.

ENTITY defines alpha male

Alpha males aren’t strangers to the gym or the healthy sections of the grocery store. This man knows it is important to be strong and healthy. In conjunction, they are competitive and always strive to be not only better but the top male in their group.

However, being masculine isn’t just about physical health. It’s also about protecting their loved ones. And of course, it’s also about not being scared to kill the bugs that sneak into their girlfriend’s room.

The alpha male is also most likely happier than other men. Physical exercise helps manage stress, decrease depression and actually releases endorphins, chemicals in the brain that make you feel happy.

4 An alpha male is confident and ambitious.

ENTITY defines alpha male

An alpha male knows the cure to failure is the confidence to pick yourself back up and try again. This man isn’t only sure of himself when he’s successful, he is comfortable working on his flaws and continuously bettering himself.

And you won’t catch this guy being lazy or lounging around the house all day. An alpha male is intelligent, works hard and actively searches for his next career opportunity. He isn’t waiting for it to come to him.

This technique pays off.

In fact, 90 percent of job recruiters prefer to hire people actively searching for their next career opportunity rather than waiting for someone to scout them. This also speaks to work ethic because just over half of employers find this quality to equate more drive and motivation in the workplace.

3 An alpha male is funny.

ENTITY defines alpha male

Alpha males also understand they aren’t getting the female unless they make her laugh. And for this reason, he also doubles as a comedian.

This man knows part of being confident means self-awareness and the ability to poke fun at yourself. While a beta male may pose as an alpha by trying out the “tough guy” act, he isn’t fooling anyone.

Contrary to popular belief, the guy who can make fun of himself is way more attractive than the douchebag crushing beer cans in the corner. Even though we may cheer him on, we’re laughing with our friends about how stupid he looks while we plan out how to attract the actual alpha male in the room.

In 2013, Men’s Health conducted a survey about what women find most attractive in a potential mate. The results showed 77 percent of women placed a sense of humor as their top quality above intelligence, passion, confidence and generosity.

2 An alpha male makes eye contact.

ENTITY defines alpha male

Eye contact is also an indicator of confidence. An alpha male isn’t scared to look into your eyes while he talks to you. He is interested in what a woman has to say and strengthens intimacy and connection by maintaining eye contact throughout the conversation.

He’s also smart enough to know when he’s actually looking at a woman’s eyes, he stands out from the jerks who can’t help but stare at her cleavage.

But eye contact is also important when it comes to an alpha male conducting business. Maintaining eye contact while talking to other men shows he isn’t easily intimidated.

As Science Daily points out, eye contact increases the other person’s self-awareness, improves memory and increases communication in social settings.

1 An alpha male respects women,

ENTITY defines alpha male

You may think an alpha male is the ultimate player. He’s attractive, funny and women flock to him. But being “the nice guy” doesn’t mean you aren’t an alpha male.

One important aspect of the alpha male, is his respect for the opposite gender. Part of the reason he is so desirable is because he acts like a gentleman. True alpha males know an alpha female is searching for a partner, not someone who is only choosing her as their flavor of the week.

An alpha male respects boundaries and is confident enough in himself to know that if one woman isn’t feeling him, he can find another one who is.

There are four qualities women search for in a mate that Psychology Today references. While half refer to good genes and a good career, the other two are about being a loving partner and a good parent. Without respect for women, the alpha male couldn’t achieve the latter qualities, so he really understands that respecting women matters just as much as his ego or drive.

ENTITY defines alpha male

The alpha male is the perfect man. Keep being you because us alpha females are loving it.

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