Sometimes it’s the things we do and not the things we say that make an impact on our lives. It’s been said before but it’s worth saying it again: actions speak louder than words. And that motto certainly applies in the professional world.

It’s normal to go over what you are going to say for a big presentation the night before, reciting over and over and over that initial pitch. But what isn’t always practiced, or what isn’t always thought of, is how to professionally impress beyond the things you say.

Here’s how you can show yourself off professionally without saying a word:

1 Wear a tailored and clean outfit

What you wear to work or around work colleagues you admire goes a long way. A clean, wrinkle-free shirt that is tucked in properly says a lot about how you view yourself as a professional. An outfit that is put together and appropriate for your work at the office or at an event shows that you pay attention to the small things.

2 Be on time to meetings and work events

Punctuality is key. If you want to show your boss that you are professional, arrive on time to office meetings or work events, and consider showing up even five minutes early. It shows that you care and are ready for the job! Being consistent with your punctuality shows how reliable you are as a professional.

3 Listen to people

One of the strongest skills you can have in a business is being a good listener. What are your boss or coworkers really asking of you? If you listen, you can do your undeniably do your job better. Additionally, if you listen to others it shows that you are there to learn and value your boss or coworkers’ opinion.

4 Look people in the eye when talking to them

This can be a tricky one for some, but looking people in the eye when talking to them says a lot about yourself. Looking them in the eye reveals a sense of confidence and that your attention is 100% in the conversation or meeting you are in. Being professional means being focused!

5 Make deadlines

Being on time with your deadlines is a huge trust factor in business or at your job. When you make your deadlines, you prove that you are much more than professional – you are reliable. And reliability is the key to excelling at anything and everything you do!

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