ENTITY explains how to be a backpacker without reeking of B.O.

You’ve seen the pictures — gorgeous, sun-tanned people going to amazing places that were practically made for Instagram.

Every part of the backpacker lifestyle seems idyllic … except for the whole “sharing a hostel bathroom with fifty people” thing. So how do they keep up their daily hygiene when modern conveniences aren’t within arms reach?

Here are five ways to hit the trails, and still look and smell like a million bucks.

1 Essential oils are essential.

After three days with no shower in sight, it’s easy to get self-conscious about probable B.O.

To hold you over until your next legitimate shower, dab some lavender essential oil on your wrists and neck. Be very minimal with your application, though – the scent of pure lavender extract can be overpowering.

But soon, you’ll at least have people asking you how to be a backpacker and still smell absolutely magnificent.

2 Baby wipes = life.

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How to be a backpacker and shower once a day … this is a constant problem. If you’ve slept in and missed the golden window for the hostel shower, baby wipes are the saving grace for a backpacker.

Though usually used for the face, giving your arms and legs a quick wash can remove the top layer of sweat that’s often responsible for the corresponding “travel odor.” Not to mention, these also come in handy after eating without utensils and using restrooms without soap.

3 Braids and headbands complete the natural look.

Nine out of ten times, gross hair is the main contributor to the overall feeling of, well, grossness.

Luckily, braids were made for this sort of thing. Putting a headband over the braid will also take care of any stubborn flyaways. But, you can always opt for a bandana if you’re feeling a hitchhiker vibe.

You’ll soon have people asking you how to be a backpacker and look like an outdoorsy goddess.

4 Baking powder is deodorant for your feet.

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Baking powder is actually a fantastic shoe freshener. Sprinkle a little bit on the sole of each shoe as well as the inside near the toe. The odor is absorbed and you no longer feel like the human representation of a sweat stain.

5 Vaseline is an all-purpose moisturizer.

Vaseline is God’s gift to backpackers. It can be used as a chapstick, a hand moisturizer and an aid to blistered feet. No one likes the feeling of being covered in dry skin, especially when your skin is still repairing from sunburn #45.

In essence, no one looks like a pin-up girl on their hike up Machu Pichu. However, feeling clean and fresh can do wonders for your energy levels, mood and overall experience while traveling.

Hopefully, with these helpful hints, you can now scale those mountains and find those random bars you saw on Pinterest, free from worries about potential pit stench. Go forth and pull a John Muir; the mountains are calling, and B.O. or not, you must go.

Entity Reveals Five Ways to Be a Backpacker and Not Smell

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