ENTITY helps decipher signs you got the job.

The days following a job interview can be incredibly nerve-wracking. Every minute without a response is stressful, and applicants might be tempted to obsess over every small detail of their interviews. To help ease your mind, here are six indicators that might signify an offer is coming your way, these are signs you got the job.

1 Their body language is positive.

Non-verbal communication says a lot about what a person is thinking. If the interviewer is nodding, smiling, leaning forward and making sounds of agreement, then the conversation is probably headed in the right direction.

Not everyone is great at picking up on non-verbal cues, so look for positive verbal affirmations if uncertain.

2 The interview is casual and friendly.

ENTITY helps decipher signs you got the job.

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If the interview takes a turn toward the casual, this can be a good sign. Stay professional, but try to establish a personal connection with the interviewer. If the interview sounds less like one-sided questioning and more like a natural conversation, give yourself a pat on the back.

3 They stop using hypotheticals.

Employers want to hire the best matches for their  company. This means, someone they can already see working alongside their staff. If the interviewer stops using “if” and starts using “when,” this means they can already envision you as part of the team.

3 They try to impress you.

ENTITY helps decipher signs you got the job.

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By highlighting the perks and benefits of the job, potential employers are looking to impress. This way, they don’t lose you to any competitors. So, if a little bragging takes place, take it as a positive sign. 

4 They introduce you to other managers and coworkers.

This is definitely not an opportunity extended to everyone. If you’re introduced to other members of the team, this means they can already see you as a part of the organization and want to show off your potential working environment.

6 They tell you about what happens next.

When an employer really wants you, they’ll make sure to inform you about what to expect. Ambiguous responses like, “We’ll be in touch!” are probably not a good sign. If they ask about your availability or invite you to come in for a follow-up interview, you’ve done your job well.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules. Many factors go into determining whether or not an applicant is suitable for a position, and employers are looking at the big picture. Remember not to take rejection personally. As frustrating as it sounds, the only way to know for sure whether or not you got the job is to, well, wait and see. Regardless of what happens, keep a positive attitude and remember that persistence is key. There are many other jobs out there, so get your resume circulating and keep showing up to those interviews. It’s only a matter of time before you land the position just right for you. 

ENTITY shares six possible signs you got the job.

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Good luck, and happy job-hunting!

Edited by Shahrazad Encinias

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