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Nobody wants to hear travel advice that they can’t follow themselves. That’s why, when a travel influencer comes along who actually practices what they preach, shows you how to save money, and gives concrete resources along the way…you promote ’em. “Extra Pack of Peanuts,” or EPoP for short, fulfills all these criteria and more.

It’s a superb resource for newbie travelers and pros alike. Here’s why you should add them to your list of influencers to follow.

1 They’re a regular family, with a baby on board.

ENTITY explains the travel influencer Extra Pack of Peanuts

via Instagram/@PackofPeanuts

“Extra Pack of Peanuts” is, pun not intended, the whole package. You could even argue they come in a “family pack.” OK, enough with the puns. Meet the Sherry family, Travis, Heather, and the newest addition to the family, Myles. Congrats! As you can tell from the above Instagram post, they’re not afraid to keep it real and learn lessons along the way. They’re also not mega-rich. According to their website, by traveling smarter, they’ve been able to “Score $5 flights to Rio for the World Cup, nab $125 tickets to Italy, stay in 5 bedroom mansions in Breckenridge for free and enjoy $500/month apartments on the Croatian coast.”

And they’ll teach you how to do it, too. Such a nice family!

2 They teach you how to travel with only carry-ons.

ENTITY explains the travel influencer Extra Pack of Peanuts

via Instagram/@PackofPeanuts

It doesn’t matter for how long they travel, these folks only take carry-ons. According to the above Instagram post, they still manage to travel with only carry-ons with a baby in tow. Impressive!

After a long summer of traveling and feeling weighed down by too much stuff, I humbly approached their blog hoping to find some no-nonsense advice on how to pack in only a carry-on. Turns out, Heather wrote an article geared towards female travelers that appealed to me as a practical dresser. However, if you consider yourself a travel fashionista, these tips can still apply. And help you objectively narrow down your choices. Travis wrote a more general article about the 22 travel essentials that’s equally helpful. Because of EPoP, I’m now known as a minimalist packer who still has everything she needs for a successful trip.

3 They’re frequent flier mile gurus.

I can’t speak for baby Myles, but Heather and Travis definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to taking advantage of frequent flier miles. The “Flights” section of their website contains a myriad of articles, separated for beginners and pros. They have guides to maximizing miles using top airlines and explain travel jargon like “open jaw.” There are articles explaining how to use specific credit card point systems such as by Chase, Citi and American Express. They even explain how to avoid fuel surcharges. I didn’t know that was even a thing! Additionally, the website has resources on finding flights and a guide to budget airlines.

4 EPoP is the #1 rated travel podcast on iTunes.

via Twitter/@PackofPeanuts

“Extra Pack of Peanuts” isn’t just great because I say it is, it’s also the #1 rated travel podcast on iTunes and has 300 episodes to date. For those who dream and plan of holiday destinations while on your morning commute, this could be your newest resource!

This format allows Travis to interview fellow travelers and gain insights into their perspectives. The podcast also gives destination-specific tips, offers top-ten lists and elaborates onto the travel tips mentioned above.

5 There’s an app for that.

If all of the above resources aren’t enough, Extra Pack of Peanuts also has an app, Jetto. This app promises to “send the world’s cheapest flight deals directly to your phone.” This is great because as we all know, the best deals don’t last forever. According to a review by The Sociable, you choose the airports you’re able to fly out from and the app sends you a notification as soon as a deal is available from those airports. It works on both iPhones and Android phones, too. Additionally, spontaneous travelers can also check out these resources for saving time and money.

We at ENTITY wish the Sherry family safe travels! And thank them for these amazing resources.

Edited by Shahrazad Encinias

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