Entity presents 4 innovative table tennis designs.

Table tennis is more than just a paddle and a ball. Playing the sport, which originated in the late 19th century, is an art form on its own. While the rules of the game are relatively easy to understand, the various technique and skills required are challenging.

A ping pong game, however, is incomplete without its table.

Although a simple table with a net is enough to play a decent game, the following artists have taken their table designs to the next level. They transformed the traditional color and design of the table and turned it into something that can be used to suit your home’s interior decorations.

From mahogany to black and white chic, these tables have changed the game of table tennis.

1 Wearespin

WE ARE SPiN is a growing company that combines the fun of table tennis with entertainment. With locations in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and soon Chicago and San Francisco, WE ARE SPiN is an innovator in table tennis fun. Take a look at this ping pong, table, featured on the company’s Instagram page, which has a unique table leg design of ping pong balls.

2 Carlos No

ENTITY shares the 4 coolest table tennis designs.

Brick Table – Carlos No artist Infitada
Photo Courtesy of © Rui Oliveira

The art installation ‘Intifada’ table was built by Carlos to express his concern towards disrespect of human rights. (Infitada means resistance). The two halves of the table are separated by a brick wall, which stops the progress of the ping pong balls from reaching the other side.

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3 11Ravens

This gorgeous wooden ping pong table is made by 11ravens. This luxury design was modeled after the company’s namesake, the raven. According to the Instagram photo caption, this table can double for both table tennis and billiards fun.

4 Jory Brigham Designs

The Mackenrow table is handmade by Jory Brigham Designs. According to their website, “Forged from walnut the table is accented with a strip of orange, tasteful brass inlay, and a net comprised of a classic Danish weave.”

As these tables exhibit, sometimes a beautiful table is all that’s needed to upgrade your game.

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