Entity loves these five artists on Instagram: Artsy, Leoleoparis, Love.Watts, Maisie Cousins and Marian Goodman Gallery.

Instagram can be a blackhole of bloggers, brunches and booties. It is also the most aesthetic and creative of social media apps. So, if you are feeling lost in a sea of flat-lays, ENTITY has come to the cultural rescue.

Here are five Instagram accounts that feature actual art.

1 Artsy (@artsy)

If the account name didn’t already suggest, this page features numerous collections of contemporary art from around the world. Artsy “gives users a sneak peek at major international art fairs and auctions before they open to the public,” according to InStyle.

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2 Leoleoparis (@leoleoparis)

Have an obsession with the old-world timeless feel of the always classy city of Paris? The artist elegantly captures black and white photos of the iconic city.

3 Love.watts (@lovewatts)

With a collection of simultaneously disturbing and drool-worthy images, this account is anything but boring.

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4 Maisie Cousins (@maisiecousins)

When nature collides with the unnatural, what do you get? Well, seemingly, a lot of flowers dripping with glitter.

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5 Marian Goodman Gallery (@mariangoodmangallery)

Named one of Forbes Most Powerful Art Dealers in the U.S., the Marian Goodman gallery, which is located in New York, Paris and London, “represents a handful of influential contemporary artists, including Steve McQueen and Maurizio Cattelan,” says InStyle.

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