Entity dishes out the five best female illustrators on Instagram right now.Illustration by Sara Meadows.

Illustrators are taking over the online art and print world. From fashion illustrations to greeting cards, illustrators have become leading influencers in their aesthetic fields. Whether the illustration is an intricate horticulture landscape or an elegant, Parisian woman, art illustrations mix the hyperreal with fantasy, producing images that are not only relatable but thought-provoking.

Apart from illustrations taking over bio pictures on websites, greeting cards, prints and home art, illustrators are also taking over Instagram! Their quirky, beautiful and detailed presence within the Internet culture is helping our news feeds become a little more imaginative.

Meet ENTITY’s top five inspirational women illustrators on Instagram:

NAME: Kate Pugsley

Photo courtesy of Kate Pugsley.

INSTAGRAM: @katepugsley

BIO: Pugsley is an illustrator, painter and surface pattern designer living in Chicago. She likes to work with her hands and uses traditional materials like gouache, watercolor and pencil on paper. Keeping a sketchbook, experimenting, taking photos and reading a ton are also important parts of her process. Her work is featured in magazines, books, galleries, paper goods and products.

WHY WE LOVE HER: Her horticulture and nature prints and patterns make the perfect wall art: fun and balanced. Not to mention, Kate seriously knows her color palettes. Have you seen her mermaid print?


NAME: Maria Ines Gul

Photo courtesy of Maria Ines Gul.

INSTAGRAM: @mariainesgul

BIO: Gul is a visual artist, born and raised in Poland, now living and working in London. With a background in both Fine Art and Graphic Design, her interests include editorial and book illustration, fashion & textiles, art direction, typography, pattern design, painting, collage, poetry and autobiographical therapeutic work. She is a longtime contributor for Tavi Gevinson’s “Rookie Mag.”

WHY WE LOVE HER: Her illustrations have that extra emphasis of ladylike glam and elegance while maintaining the essence of the illustrator. Vibrant colors and women with character describe Maria’s playful and alluring work. Plus, she kind of has a thing for women with a red lip. Swoon.


NAME: Kate Bingaman-Burt

Photo Courtesy of Kate Bingaman-Burt

Photo Courtesy of Kate Bingaman-Burt

INSTAGRAM: @katebingburt

BIO: Kate Bingaman-Burt is an illustrator, educator and collector. The building blocks of her practice include bright colors, hand lettering, inventories of illustrated objects and input and interaction from the communities of awesome people that contribute to her crowd-sourced projects. She is the Associate Director of the Art+Design School at Portland State University and an Associate Professor of Graphic Design

WHY WE LOVE HER: Her incorporation of words, phrases and sayings into her illustrations make us love Kate’s unique approach to her work. In addition, her portraits are straightforward. There’s an underlying realness about Kate’s work that we just can’t keep our eye away from.


NAME: Kristin Texeira

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Texeira.

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Texeira.

INSTAGRAM: @kristintexeira

BIO: “I paint to provide proof—for myself and others—of existing in certain moments in time. I paint to capture, document, and preserve memories. I translate the essence of moments through color by mixing up the poetics of people and places. I retell stories through various methods of mark-making using paint, collage, sketching, and writing. This process preserves memories as tangible ‘maps.’ I often juxtapose these memory maps with short captions that form the foundation for the colors I mix.”

WHY WE LOVE HER: Her geometric style! Even though it is angular and rectangular, Kristin’s work is simultaneously soft. It is simple and abstract, but very emotional with a hint of mid-century modern accents.


NAME: Sara Meadows

Photo courtesy of Sara Meadows.

Photo courtesy of Sara Meadows.

INSTAGRAM: @boccaccinimeadows

BIO: Meadows is a textile designer and illustrator currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from a small village in the north of England, she grew up surrounded by rocks, hills, and wild nature. Her print and illustration work takes inspiration from the tiny details in nature and its cross boundaries from fashion to art. She has designed artwork for some leading international brands and is currently working on a personal series of work as well as a few collaborative projects.

WHY WE LOVE HER: Sara’s illustrations put us into the most serene horticulture scenes we could imagine. Her strength is in the details, subtleties, and soft features of each print or pattern. We wouldn’t mind living a day in one of her prints!

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