Entity explains the importance of gardening.

If you think that gardening is reserved until after retirement, you thought wrong. Gardening has an association with older people because of all the benefits that come with it. Some of which are stress relief, access to sunlight, improved mood and a connection with the earth. Gardener Gillian Aldrich, a magazine editor, confirmed many of the benefits with CNN. She says that, “When you sit at a desk all day, there’s something about literally putting your hands in the dirt, digging and actually creating something that’s really beautiful,” Maybe you’ve wanted to garden but wasn’t sure it was worth your time or that it was something you were even interested in. Here’s a gardening breakdown that should help you find out.

In order to start your new garden, you’re going to need some specific tools. USA Today suggests you have a hand trowel (used to break up the earth, dig small holes, or transfer plants to pots), hand snips, (this is a pruning tool that are big enough for trees and shrubs) and a hand cultivator, (this tool is used to turn the soil where vegetables or other flora are planted.) Once you have those three things, its time to choose what kind of garden you would like.

One of the great things about gardening is that it’s an art medium which means you can get as creative as you want. There’s no box you have to stay in. Browse Pinterest or other creative sites for some ideas. Already have some? Figure out what supplies you would need to translate your art into live art. Once you have your supplies, you can get started. Some tips before you get started, thanks to USA Today, are “1) When planting bulbs, make sure to prepare the soil, determine the plant depth, place bulbs nose up/roots down and give plenty of water. 2) It’s important to group plants that have similar needs in terms of sun, water and soil conditions. Place plants far enough apart so they have room to grow, but close enough so you don’t waste precious garden space.”

Once you get started you’d be joining a large group of people ranging from the younger gardeners like James Callicott, the youngest garden designer ever to appear at the 2010 Hampton Court flower show to more mature gardeners like Michelle Obama, First Lady. The gardening community is a big one and there are many facets within that community. Don’t be afraid to use your youthful strength and mind to create living works of art in your own backyard.

Are you interested in gardening? Do you have any plants your proud to call your own? Let us know!

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