ENTITY shares 5 clock-inspired designs.

Clocks play a large role in our lives, which makes sense considering that our lives are ruled by time. We’re late for this, early for that, five minutes away from home and one hour away from getting off work. The skittish bird known as time may be impossible to hold in our hands, but that doesn’t mean we don’t try.

According to History World, the bulk of our time on the planet has been concerned with time and designing mechanisms to capture it. But before we dive into a complete history of sun dials and water clocks let’s just think about clock design. Or rather, how the signature clock face has influenced other designs.

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As we count down the hours until 2017, why not revisit five of the creative and timeless ways people have incorporated clocks into their everyday lives?

1 Make your furniture withstand the test of time.

Is your passion embodied in the circular face of a clock? Do you love re-imagining old furniture? Websites like Pinterest are full of ideas to make time in your home. One especially creative idea is to paint an old circular table to make it look like an old clock. You can coordinate colors to match your other furniture or use the table as a bold statement.

2 Meet Prince Charming Before Midnight Strikes.

If you want to make sure you wed right on time, you may want to make clocks part of your Cinderella story. For couples who want to take their time obsession to a whole new level, Weddingomania is the place to visit for ideas on clock-themed wedding decorations and party favors. Whether you want to include clocks on your wedding invitations, celebratory photos or flower bouquets, time will be on your side during your special day.

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3 Wear your heart (and time) on your sleeve.

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If you’ve decided that watches are so 2016, a clock tattoo might be just the accessory you’ve been craving. Before you book your appointment, though, you may want to consider the various symbols found in clocks. Clocks typically represent the passing of time, but the position (or lack of) clock hands can change the meaning, according to TattooSEO.  Colored tattoos often add a positive or cheerful vibe while black and white tones give a more serious feel.

4 Embrace clock-inspired fashion that will never go out of style.

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If you want to rock a fashion style that is truly timeless, try looking to clocks for inspiration. Raichel’s nails are the perfect ode to the New Year’s with their small clock detail. For more ideas on how to give your wardrobe a timeliness spin, check out sites like Zazzle, which boasts a variety of “clock clothing and apparel,” or Etsy, for more homemade, unique pieces.

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5 Throw a timely party no one will forget!

It turns out we love our clocks as much as we love to party. The internet is full of tips and tricks on how to design the ultimate clock-themed party. Websites like Hungry Happenings have a couple awesome recipes just in time for New Year’s Eve. There are pizza-bites designed to look like clock faces and delicate pastries counting down the minutes to the new year.

Whether you’re celebrating New Year’s or just want a way to incorporate the important symbol of time throughout your daily life, clock-inspired designs are one trend that won’t go out of style.

Edited by Casey Cromwell

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