Carlos Ferreira

Carlos Ferreira is an environmental designer who frequently strays into the fields of architecture, graphic design, illustration and branding. He’s the founder of Sketchtank, a design collective in Los Angeles,  a professor at Art Center College of Design, an enthusiast of all things automotive and mechanical, and a sucker for critters. This eclectic creative was born in Africa and has lived on three continents, and travels as often as he can. 

Chrissie Cheng

Chrissie is an undergraduate student studying journalism and graphic design at Azusa Pacific University. When she's not staring at the computer, Chrissie can be found as the designated DJ in the car, globe trotting, and Zumba-ing.

Check out Chrissie's work here.

Rose Freeland

Rose Freeland was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and moved to California to attend Art Center College of Design where she studied under Steven Prina and mentored with Jeremy Gilbert-Roth, Mike Kelly and Dennis Phillips. After graduation, Rose created an illustration/design business and a clothing line through Big Concepts, Inc. By the end of the summer, Rose entered into California Institute of the Arts, mentoring under Connie Hatch and graduating with a Masters of Fine Art degree while running her two businesses. Her thesis was titled “The Illustrated History of Women,” which consisted of digitally produced billboard sized canvases featuring a history of desired achievements, such as the “First Woman On The Moon." Fine Art is the core of her work and remains so today. Rose’s work has been in solo and group shows, The Unreal Person, Museum of Modern Art in Orange County California to the recent “Random Survival” solo show at University of California. Rose is honored to have been chosen to illustrate the Women of Entity Magazine.

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