Entity advises you on how to decorate your home with selfies without looking tacky.

Let’s not kid ourselves any further … we’ve taken some great pictures of ourselves. Unfortunately, selfies have garnered less than favorable recognition in mainstream media today, especially since those who post selfies are thought of as narcissists.

Because there’s a fine line between merely appreciating your appearance in a selfie and looking self-obsessed, many people keep their selfies hidden from the world. But if you look good you should flaunt it. And what better place to exhibit your selfies than your own home?

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If you know a few things about design and subtlety, you can display your selfies in a socially acceptable way. After all, it’s not like you’re going to paste self-portraits over every surface of your home.

Read along for some tips and tricks to keep your selfie exhibit looking tasteful and classy.

1 Don’t push the size.

Selfies already have a bad rep so the last thing you want to do is make your selfie display obnoxious. When picking out a size for your pictures, err on the side of caution and pick something smaller than a life-size portrait. You don’t have to pull out wallet-sized photos, but don’t display something that could make your guests uncomfortable. The happy medium for your selfie is the size of a piece of paper (8.5×11). You can go a little larger or a little smaller, but just make sure you keep within that range.

However, if you do want to insert a life-sized portrait, a good way to decrease the narcissism factor is to hang a portrait of you and another person. According to Houzz, if you have a formal wedding portrait or a professional family shot, you can have it blown up to add a personal piece that will fill a wall. If you keep the photo black and white, the subtlety of the colors could also help offset the dramatic size.

2 Let it blend in with the surroundings.

No matter the size of your selfie, if you stick a lone self-portrait on the wall with nothing surrounding it, it’s going to stand out. So when you decide where to put your selfie, look for a place where it can blend in with the decorations or add more photos around it. Architecture Design suggests getting creative with how you arrange the portraits. Use different sizes for a modern design or use identical colors, frames and sizes to look more classy and collected.

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If you have a wall of pictures in your home, you can position your selfie between other pictures of friends, family, pets and nature. If you’re looking for a more bold exhibition of your self-portrait, though, place your photo among wall decorations that aren’t pictures, like sconces and paintings with similar colors and aesthetic.

According to Houzz, another way to have blend in portraits blend is to use silhouette portraits. Whether it’s black and white or modern and colorful, “silhouette portraits have an undeniable graphic appeal,” the website writes. This way, you can tell everyone it’s a selfie, and all your friends will probably praise the trendiness of the design.

3 Pay attention to the location.

Although it depends on where you’ve positioned other decorations, that doesn’t mean hanging your selfie on the wall of your kitchen is the best place for it. Sometimes the best place for selfies are in your closets, bedroom or personal bathroom. Houzz also says you could keep a self portrait partially hidden, such as tucked away behind stacked books or plates. This way, your portrait isn’t necessarily shouting at your visitors.

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But regardless of where you put it, display your selfie somewhere you feel fits the mood and atmosphere of your home. In the end, it’s up to you. If you’re trying to go for a bold, striking effect, then by all means, go for it!

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