Based out of Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, our headquarters resides in the very structure that was once an old

guard men's fraternal organization known as The Knights of Pythias.






  • Old guard men’s fraternal organization, “Knights of Pythias,” was established in 1864 and the first fraternal chartered by U.S. Congress. Past members include congressmen, Supreme Court Justices, a U.S. Vice President and a U.S. President. The Knights of Pythias are still around today and have castles throughout the U.S.

  • One reason women still hold only 5% to 6% of CEO positions is largely due to the old boys’ club. Old-fashioned networking organizations and unspoken brethrenhood help maintain inequality status quo. Whether it’s in a lodge, on a golf course, the race track or bar – men remain the primary beneficiaries of the upper echelons of business.

  • The fraternity is based on the Greek legend of Damon and Pythias and their friendship: Pythias is accused of treason against Dionysus of Syracuse and Damon agrees to hold Pythias’ place while he goes to settle his affairs in preparation for execution. If Pythias did not return, Damon would be executed. Dionysus was so inspired by the two friends’ bond (illustrated with Pythias’ return to take back his place) that he sets both of them free. (Known as Pythagorean ideal of friendship.)

  • Pythagoreanism is the base of their society (Pythagoras was known as the father of Greek philosophy), this also includes mysticism (attainment of insight and hidden truths through introspection) as a key tenet of the Knights.

  • As a mentorship company, ENTITY is tearing down these walls philosophically by encouraging women to find their own hobbies and relationship building opportunities. We actively mentor and support women by building community in our historical home.

  • The irony is ENTITY is quite literally housing ourselves in the very structure that was once a sanctuary of these rich and powerful men.

  • Taking a page from the men’s society that inhabited our building before us, we believe our time is now and #WomenSupportWomen is the future.

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  • ENTITY is a women’s media platform built upon the belief that with the right tools and education, women have infinite potential. Within the context of achievement, character building and worldly refinement, ENTITY encourages women to propel themselves into action.

  • As the first women’s media company dedicated entirely to mentorship, ENTITY launched its first summer program in 2016. The program is often referred to as “The Coolest Internship on the Planet” – and it’s only for women.

  • Women are taught to fly planes, sweat it out in Krav Maga and gain wisdom from top CEOs... all in one summer? Sounds too good to be true. But at ENTITY’s 6-week mentorship program in Los Angeles, all of these things are included because, as CEO Jennifer Schwab knows, millennial women don’t just want fulfilling careers, they want fulfilling lives.

  • Additionally, women are put through an extensive leadership program which includes mock board meetings, pitch trainings, public speaking and conflict resolution. Young women hone their leadership skills and become confident using their voice.

  • Extensive training on how to combat sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Women are also taught to be resilient, to live in their strengths and to foster healthy collaborations with their peers.

  • Mentees in ENTITY’s Women Leadership Academy are published across ENTITY’s rapidly-growing digital platforms, including: EntityMag.com, Facebook and Instagram.

  • ENTITY’s Facebook has 840,000+ followers and reaches 16 million highly-engaged users per month.

  • Popular topics covered on the publishing platform include: self-love, mental health, adulting, resilience, careers, finance, inspirational women and navigating the complicated world of millennial “non-relationships.”









• "Biggest (and earliest) line for an event we've had."

• "Attendance was the highest for an event we've had (even though we capped the RSVPs lower than usual."

• "People stayed much longer than usual."





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