Which scents rush at you when you swing open the door of your home after a long, tiring day? If all you can smell is dirty laundry and dust, it might be time to spruce up your place. Candles are an easy staple if you’re looking at add scent to your life, but if you prefer floral scents (or if you’re too nervous about your house accidentally catching on fire), then flowers might be the preferred choice for you.

Flowers are fresher and less artificial than candles, adding a gorgeous, natural touch to your home. Whether you decide to grow them yourself or purchase from your local florist, flowers are sure to spruce up any home. Here are a few flowers that will make your house ooze elegance and smell amazing:


5 Flowers To Make Your Home Smell Amazing - Geranium
Scented geranium will look gorgeous throughout your home, and fortunately, there are many different types of geraniums that can open you up to different scents and experiences. With scents ranging from mint to citrus to chocolate, these beauties will add a unique feel to your home that you won’t get with other houseplants. Learn more about geraniums and how to care for them here.


Five Flowers to Make Your Home Smell Amazing - Jasmine
A jasmine plant will add a beautiful, sweet, floral scent to your home while also serving as an elegant decoration. Jasmine flowers smell their best at nighttime and are best placed on your windowsill. Learn more about jasmine plants and how to care for them here.


Five Flowers to Make Your Home Smell Amazing - Gardenia
While gardenia plants generally require more work than other flowers, they add a beautiful touch to any room that makes it worth the extra effort. Producing an intoxicating scent, a properly tended to gardenia plant is the finishing touch to any room’s design. Learn more about gardenias and how to care for them here.


Five Flowers to Make Your Home Smell Amazing - Orchid
While there are many different varieties of orchid flowers, they will produce a beautiful scent and look elegant in any home. Take some time to find the right type of orchid for you and be sure to take care of it properly. Taking care of orchids is a little bit different from other flowers and plants, but their beauty and sweet scent are worth the effort. Learn more about orchids and how to care for them here.


Five Flowers to Make Your Home Smell Amazing - Lavender
Lavender is easily recognizable for their beauty and the scent that quickly fills the room. They give an elegant pop of color and are surprisingly easy to care for. Learn more about lavender plants and how to care for them here.

Edited by Casey Cromwell

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