Entity reports on a small village in Scotland banking that hairdryers stop speeding.

Clever residents of small town Hopeman in Scotland have turned to hairdryers to try and combat speeding drivers.

Villagers stand in the street sporting fluorescent jackets and holding out hairdryers to mimic police speed cameras and hopefully trick drivers into behaving well.

The sneaky trick comes following concerns by residents over cars flying down the main road at over 60mph. The legal limit is 30mph.

The busy B9040 goes right through the town of Hopeman, where residents believe travelers sometimes don’t even realize they have entered the village. They simply see the long stretch of road, and often taken advantage of the clearing by speeding through.

Entity reports on small town Hopeland, Scotland, who is using hairdryers to stop speeding.

Can hairdryers stop speeding? The small town of Hopeland, Scotland thinks so. Image via Twitter

But it’s become a serious issue for those living in Hopeman, especially if they have children. Since there’s no pavement or hard shoulder, kids are just basically standing on the side of the road.

And if you think the hairdryer trick is silly, you won’t believe what parents have resorted to in order to keep their kids from having to venture out into the street. Some have propped ladders up upon garden walls to allow children to cross between backyards instead of using the main road.

“It might all sound like a joke but these are the sorts of lengths we have to go to to make sure our children are safe,” resident Carmen Gillies told UPI. Hopeland also worries for its older citizens, who are at risk crossing the street to get to the village’s bowling club.

The citizens of Hopeman have been working with police, who have said they will “continue to address” the situation. But even with additional 30mph signs placed all of the town, many still continue to break the law.

Action groups have formed to brainstorm ways to really get the message across to reckless drivers. But for now, the Hopeman residents will continue to work with and impersonate Police Scotland.

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