ENTITY explains how to read your birth chart.

Whether you’re like me and have an affinity for the zodiac or have no idea where a zodiac even goes, reading your birth chart can be confusing. With words like “lillith” and “ascendant”, it can seem like learning a new language that also requires deciphering coded messages. Yes, it can be that complex. Not to fear! While all the planets are important on your birth chart, here are seven planets to pay attention to:

1 The Sun and who you are in the world.


You might already be familiar with this planet’s position in your birth chart. This is the zodiac sign we commonly identify with based on your birthday. Its position can represent your personality and sense of self. Since the sun is the center of our solar system, this sign represents the center of your personality.

While the sun is most important when mentioning your birth chart, if you want to get really fancy you can learn about your rising or ascendant sign, which is the sun’s rising position over the eastern horizon at the time you were born. Your rising sign correlates to who you are in the world and your appearance to others. In my case, I am a Gemini with a Capricorn rising, which is characterized by being between fun and focused.

2 The moon and your dark side.


The moon is an underrated celestial object even though it’s responsible for so much that happens on Earth like tides. It comes as no surprise its birth chart placement is responsible for what lies beneath the surface — your emotional inner world. 

Contrary to your sun sign representing your outer self, the moon sign describes your inner self. Wherever the moon is on your birth chart represents your emotional security and your deepest needs. In other words, the moon’s placement on your birth chart could help explain why that random cat video on Youtube makes you so happy. With a Leo moon, (apparently) I’m prone to big (but temporary) sulking fits when I don’t get my way but I would rather cry in my car alone.

3 Mercury and your gift for gab.


Mercury relates to your communication style. Mercury’s placement on your birth chart represents how you communicate with the rest of the world. It also represents logic and rationality. You may have heard when Mercury is in retrograde, all hell breaks loose. That could possibly be because during this time the planet moves backward causing tons of miscommunication issues. Have you had to explain yourself more than once? Is this the third time today your Waze recalculated? Take a deep breathe and blame Mercury.

4 Venus has your vision of love


Venus was the goddess of love in Greek mythology. On a birth chart, it represents how you love and how you receive it. It represents how you perceive of love also. Look up where this planet is on your birth chart and then read the characteristics of that zodiac sign. Trust, Venus was in Aries when I was born and a little research has cleared up some things about my heart. If you remember nothing else, for the sake of your heart, remember this one.

5 Angry much? Mars will tell you why.


After you memorized Venus’s placement on your birth chart, Mars is next in line to keep in the back of your mind. Representing action and determination, it helps identify how you react and behave in general. As the god of war, it also represents your actions in confrontation and your aggression. Jupiter will help explain why you snapped at your coworker and wrote that vicious Yelp review. A little research on this one can also be a personal game changer to help you understand amplified moments of anger.

6 Jupiter and lady luck.


Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, so it’s pretty cool that its placement represents your fortune and luck. It can represent how you take risks and how you make those leaps of faith. Ruler of the optimistic Sagittarius, it does much to describe your outlook on life.

7 Saturn will get you in formation.


Lastly, when looking at your birth chart, Saturn is also a planet that deserves some attention. Its placement represents your professional characteristics. Associated with Capricorn, it explains how hardworking you are. It’s also the planet that helps give a sense of your capacity for discipline and responsibility as it represents regulations and restrictions.

Ultimately, paying attention to these seven planets can help better understand your birth chart. While we can not completely exclude Neptune (imagination), Uranus (innovation), and Pluto (transformation) from a complete birth chart reading, a solid understanding of these planetary placements will make you seem like you have a PhD in Zodiac arts.

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