Entity reports on how fashion designer Karl Lagerfield made his way into the interior design business.

If you’re a creative genius, why would you halt your artistic talents by choosing just one area of expertise? Introducing Karl Lagerfeld, the infamous creative director of Chanel, Fendi and his own personal label, who has been commissioned to shift his focus from fashion to interior design. Though his intricate attention to detail is sure to transition seamlessly (literally) to stylish interior design, the creation will be a feat nonetheless.

What is this creation you ask? The Trump Group – headed by Eddie and Jules Trump – is embarking on the creation of the $1.5 billion dollar Estates at Acqualina. (No, they’re not related to Donald Trump. Yes, they’ve been sued by Donald Trump for having the same name.)

Lagerfeld has been appointed to fully design the elegant lobby areas of the extravagant building. With a level of free reign over the project, he will imagine all of the lobby’s artistic furnishings and features for the design, ensuring that the entrance will be a genuine Lagerfeld experience.

With the famous designer at the helm, the estates are sure to be the pièce de résistance of the Miami real estate scene. The Trump Group founders stated that they knew their residents, “who desire an incomparable level of opulence, luxury, design and style,” would benefit from Lagerfeld’s creative eye and artistic imagination.

If you’re looking to live at the apex of opulence, then this is the place to be. Each unit will be decked out in smart technology, precious materials like onyx and marble and will come fully furnished for your convenience. If any of your life’s hobbies include ice skating, bowling or Formula 1 racing, they’ve got you covered with a rink, bowling alley and Formula 1 racing simulator. (Although why use the simulator when you could just zoom around Miami in your Bentley?) They even thought of you homesick stock brokers, installing a Wall Street Trader’s Club complete with ticker tape, computers and a board room.

Luckily, it’ll only be a short wait until 2020, when the building is scheduled to open. The units are priced from $3.9 million to $9 million, with penthouses priced at a reasonable $40 million. If you can predetermine whether your first born child will be a prodigy and secure a buyer earlier, you might just be able to afford a unit.

Whether or not you will have the opportunity to live in the estates, they’re sure to be a marvel. We’ll keep a few ice buckets nearby when the lobby photos come out, because we’re sure we won’t be able to keep our cool without them.

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