Looking for more free sites like Literotica? ENTITY shares 7 of the best literotic websites.

What’s the sexiest part of your body? If you’ve ever explored literotica before, you already know the answer: your brain. Literotic art and literotica stories are designed to stimulate your mind…and your body. And as long as you’re over eighteen, there are various websites – besides the infamous Literotica – to help you turn a vanilla roll in the hay into a dalliance you’ll always remember.

Ready to explore the sexy side of literature? Here are seven places, including Literotica, that are full of literotica romance stories that can fulfill every fantasy, curiosity or craving.


1 Literotica: the original source for literotica stories.

If you’re looking for literotica stories, you might as well start with the site whose name suggests just that. Literotica is a free erotic website, and it offers a variety of stimulating choices. You can stick to literotica stories or you can explore audio, images, chat rooms with other literotica readers and more. Like most of these free literotica sites, you can also submit your own sex stories.

According to Literotica users on Reddit, a good place to start is the Hall of Fame section. “Most of the stories in the hall of fame will, at minimum, be pretty well-written,” writes one user. “You may find some you like, or you may discover they really aren’t your thing at all.” Another reader suggests that you search by tag instead and scan the descriptions until you find your match. One of their favorite parts of Literotica, though, is that “since men and women write and read most of the categories, [Literotica] dispels the notion that women or men only like certain things.” A free literotica site that’s as hot as it is gender-role free? What more could a woman want?

2 LushStories: literotica romance and real-life conversations.

If you’re trying to branch out, another literotic option is LushStories. This site boasts an impressive database, so whether you’re looking literotica romance about college students or historical figures, you’ll find it. Readers craving more than the typical sex stories can even enjoy literotic poetry. (And, trust us, this poetry is waaaay more enjoyable than the ones you read in English class!).


LushStories also functions as a social media website to some extent. Like Literotica, you can explore chat rooms. Who knows what like-minded individuals you might find…and whether they’ll become friends or even something a little more?

3 True Dirty Stories: literotic peeks into people’s real romances.

What if you’re craving literotica romance stories that are a little more realistic? Then True Dirty Stories is probably the best literotic website for you. Users submit sex stories that are completely or mostly true. The archives are broken down into a variety of categories – from holidays to college sex – so you can easily find whatever may float your boat.

These literotica stories are also brief and to-the-point. If you don’t have much time or prefer to read a few short literotic stories instead of one long one, you might want to give True Dirty Stories a try.

4 Nifty.org: the source for all your LGBTQ literotica needs.

Don’t worry. If you’re looking for LGBTQ literotic stories, you haven’t been forgotten. Nifty.org has all of the typical story categories you’d expect (from celebrity to historical), but it caters entirely to the LGBTQ community.

Via Orange is the New Black

As Reddit users discovered, Nifty.org has also been around for a long time. In fact, some of their earliest posts were published all the way back in 1988! Why does that matter? Two reasons. First, it shows that people have been enjoying Nifty.org for decades, so it has to have some pretty decent content. Second, as a few Reddit readers wrote, “it’s still one of the best” literotica sites out there today.

5 BDSM Cafe: for when you want anything but vanilla.

Love 50 Shades of Grey? Then prepare to love BDSM Cafe, a free literotica site that can fulfill all of your BDSM fantasies. It offers a variety of literotic forms, from short stories to novels to poetry. Just expect plenty of Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism.

BDSM Cafe offers more than just free literotica, though. BDSM Cafe also provides research that can help men and women who want to bring their BDSM fantasies to life. Whether you’re a hard-core BDSM lover or just want to see how the other half lives, this erotic website probably has something for you.

6 Adult-Fanfiction.org and Archive Of Our Own: full of fanfiction fantasies.

If you’d rather let your imagination totally take off, fanfiction literotica might be your ideal match. There are plenty of website options, including adult-fanfiction.org, which is organized by fandom and pairing. It also offers a crossover section; if you’ve ever wished Captain America and Cat Woman would date, your (sexy) dreams could come true with this literotic site.

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The clear winner on Reddit, though, seems to be Archive Of Our Own. This website offers everything from plain fanfiction stories to comics and graphic novels to writing based off of music and video games. You can also filter stories based on their explicit rating; some have no sexual content while others are the hottest sex stories on the web. As one Reddit reader suggests: “Filter for ‘explicit,’ maybe by what character pairing you’d like to read about, and have fun.”

7 Alt Sex Text Repository: literotica that’s much sexier than the site name.

When you hear this erotica site’s name, it may sound more like computer programming directions than a site full of sexy stories. However, Alt Sex Text Repository offers plenty of well-written literotica romance. There’s also material for a wide range of audiences, considering the site features stories, visuals and audio with heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual and transsexual characters.

This site is also unique in that it encourages only those over 21 to read and submit pieces. That may be a bummer if you’re not yet of age…but if you are, Alt Sex Text Repository could be a fun place to find some new literotica.

Whether you’ve read erotic stories before or never even knew the word “literotic” existed, these free literotica websites are always ready to give you a (sexy) spark of inspiration. And if you’ve always thought reading literature was a boring hobby, well, these literotica stories will definitely give you a new appreciation for the written word.


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