Entity asks if people prefer rustic or modern design styles.

The battle between modern and rustic designs rages on in the hearts of the millennial generation. Some people yearn for the days of old and enjoy a more rugged look while others enjoy the forward movement of time. They revel in the constant and ever-changing facets of modern style.

Maybe both sides have equally good elements, but you’re still not sure which style you prefer. Let ENTITY help as you learn which look suits your lifestyle.


Rustic chic decor allows you feel a little closer to the Earth while in the comfort of your own home. One element to the rustic look is the presence of wood. If you are going for this look, then you’ll most likely have wooden tables, floors, walls and doors. When you’re detailing with wood, remember that the logs shouldn’t be perfect; in this case, authenticity is proved by flaws.

Rustic designs also involve the use of metal for both function and art. To incorporate metal into your home, hang metal signs from the wall or use metal doorknobs on the wooden doors. If you want to go the extra mile, consider using metal candle holders or kitchenware.

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Another signature element to the rustic chic look is the presence of mason jars. Mason jars are a staple of rustic decor because they are not only cute, but incredibly versatile. They’re perfect as vases, cups, candle holders and containers. Adding a simple country look to any table setting, mason jars can even be painted or decorated with ribbon or strips of burlap to match the room’s decorative style. 

Flowers are also essential to the rustic look. This is where mason jars come in (again). If you’re allergic to pollen or just don’t want to have to keep replacing dead flowers, go for fake flowers. Craft stores have upped their game in recent years and fake flowers look incredibly realistic. But you don’t have to resort to plastic; you can always take a few minutes to make brightly-colored paper flowers to inspire the beauty of nature in your home without the hassle of continuous clean-up.


Modern decor is great in its own right. Unlike rustic, which has deep roots in the past, modern style has no limits and is much more experimental. Let’s explore some iconic modern staples.

A common thread in modern decor is the lack of color. Most modern rooms stray away from color and focus instead on the shapes and objects themselves. Of course, this is only a trend, not the rule. Many modern homes have white walls and furniture but add splashes of color with unique pieces, such as red pillows or a brightly-colored painting.

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Modern rooms are generally more spacious than rustic rooms. They tend to be minimalist in design and evoke a clean rather than a homely feeling. This type of house is ideal for someone who isn’t home all that often and just needs a place to crash at night.

Everything in modern homes screams “bold.” The furniture tends to have strong edges and few curves. The couches and furniture tend to have bold accent pieces and sharp frames. In the rustic household, things are put up for more sentimental reasons, while modern homes tend to feature pieces that catch the eye.

Another modern style trend is the break from conformity. Many such homes feature experimental designs such as floating fireplaces, hanging chairs, sliding doors, hexagonal tables and whole walls made of glass. These houses are not restricted by traditions or expectations of old, which is one reason why the style is so popular among millennials.

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Edited by Ellena Kilgallon

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