Queen Noor of Jordan

Queen Noor of Jordan has made it her personal mission to protect the oceans and their wildlife.

“It is the blue heart of our planet,” she said in calling on consumers, corporations and governments to step up their environmental efforts, especially with plastics reduction policies.

During an impassioned interview with Britain’s Sky News, she outlined the extent of the problems that plastics cause to marine life, saying, “We’ve lost half of the wildlife of the oceans, half of the coral reef…plastic is becoming more and more deadly.”

Queen Noor, a longtime environmentalist, was speaking in her capacity as an “Ocean Elder,” an independent  group of influencers – including tycoon Richard Branson, moviemaker James Cameron and Prince Albert of Monaco – who campaign for increased protection of the oceans and their wildlife.

Statistics show that every square mile of ocean has 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in it. Plastic pollution is harmful to humans too because as plastic debris debris floats in the seawater, it absorbs dangerous pollutants and when animals eat these pieces of plastic, the toxins are absorbed into their body and passed up the food chain.

Queen Noor has long campaigned for cross-cultural understanding and says the pollution of the oceans is a problem for the whole world. “There are no borders in the ocean,” she explained.

But as well as governments and corporations taking action, consumers can do a lot themselves to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment from taking reusable bags to grocery stores and using mugs or travel tumblers for to-go cups of coffee to cleaning up our local environment.

“The impact that collectively we can have can be pretty phenomenal,” added Queen Noor, whose interview has been widely praised on social media.

Born Lisa Haleby, Queen Noor became the first American-born queen of an Arab country when she married the late King Hussein.


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