Racist group protests removal of New Orleans Confederate statues, Entity reports.

Some 150-odd years later and we’re still fighting some of the same battles of the Civil War… because the south just. can’t. let. it. go. 

Racist groups in New Orleans, Louisiana have been fighting for their “rights” as the city plans to take down Confederate monuments in an effort to combat racism.

See, the Take Em Down NOLA group sees the statues as symbols of white supremacy. “The fight we’re waging is against the city fathers of this city who have refused to bring about genuine equality for the black people here,” Malcolm Suber, of the organization told USA Today. Seems fair enough.

Candace Wolf echoed similar complaints, saying, “It’s very important to stop in its track this long legacy of racism that came out of slavery. It’s very important to stand up to it because there are people who don’t want it to die.”

Okay, stamping out racism. Equality for all. Who wouldn’t want to get behind that cause? Well, racists. Per Michael Hill of The League of the South, their reasoning for wanting to keep the statues – which perpetuate and one may even say glorify slavery and racism – is “It’s part of a culture heritage and we want it to stay.”

Umm… that’s not really a good reason, Michael. Just because it’s in our past does not mean we should be celebrating it today. There’s actually a whole hell of a lot we shouldn’t be celebrating. And racism is certainly one of those things.

Mike Tokes defended their cause, saying, “We will not allow leftist militant activists organizations to go to these kinds of events and hinder our constitutional right to free speech and assembly and we will not allow these militant groups to essentially decide what laws they deem allowable.”

Well, now that sure sounds like a whole lot of projecting, Mike, seeing as you used the word “militant” twice while the “leftist activists” showed up in casual wear and sundresses with signs.

Your side, however, came equipped with helmets, tactical gear and holding shields, seemingly ready for a battle that appeared to be stopped only by a large police presence. But sure, snaps to you for fighting off the “leftist militant activists” with your wit and morality.

Due to such disruption, and death threats by the holier-than-though anti-removal protestors, the statues are slated to be removed in the early hours of the morning. And the exact schedule has not been announced.

One statue has been removed thus far, on April 24 under the cover of darkness. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu does not seem frightened by the protests, previously saying the statues would come down “sooner than later.”

So, sorry League of the South, et. al, but it’s not 1861 anymore. It’s 2017, and I don’t care what the president says, racism is not acceptable and good people are going to continue to fight it no matter what you do.

May as well act like your beloved Robert E. Lee and just accept defeat.

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