Entity discusses whether or not tall center pieces in dining rooms are rude.

It’s a typical Friday night get-together at your friend’s house. You brought the food, she bought the wine and everyone is sitting down for a delicious meal…until you realize that you can’t see anyone thanks to the huge centerpiece at the center of the dining table.

Sure, we all have different tastes when it comes to windows and drapes. Some prefer simple, elegant decor while others appreciate dark and dramatic house decorations. But when a centerpiece takes precedence over the flow of conversation, don’t be surprised if you get called out.

The centerpiece may be elegant and your guests probably appreciate the time you took to design the pinecone-green rock accented masterpiece, but come on. Unless you’re holding a dinner party for Victoria’s Secret models or basketball stars, how many people would be able to see over the centerpiece?

Before setting it down on the table, consider how many people you invited to the party. If you have additional seating so your guests don’t have to sit at the dining room table, let that creative flag fly! But if seating will be limited, you have a problem.

If you want an elegant centerpiece for the dining room table, go small. A centerpiece can tie together a room’s decorating theme and can gives guests an luxurious, high-end restaurant feel. With a large one, though, you restrict areas instead of inviting dinner guests to mingle and examine the decorations up close. If you can’t talk to people across the table without yelling or standing up, the decoration has become a burden instead of a boost.

You may be thinking that a small centerpiece doesn’t give the drama you want. For an easy solution, just bring two complementary centerpieces together – this combines elegance and practicality all in one. It’s even okay to rock a medium-sized centerpiece – just sit down at the table before your guests arrive to make sure that the Great Wall of China isn’t blocking your view across the table.

After all, you want a centerpiece to be the center of your dining room’s style and decorations. However, when it comes to dinner parties, you want friendship, conversation and entertainment to be the stars.

Edited by Casey Cromwell

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