Entity shares a guide for savvy women to buy the perfect flower arrangement.

Realized your mom’s birthday is in two days and have no idea what to give her? Had a fight with your best friend so bad, it put “Bridesmaids” to shame? Need a way to show your business mentor how much you appreciate her career tips? While all these questions may seem unrelated, they actually have one answer in common: flower arrangements, otherwise known as a savvy woman’s gift for every occasion!

People have been making their own flower arrangements for centuries. Paintings suggest that the Egyptians commonly decorated banquet tables and tombs with vases of lotus blossoms, and they often crafted artistic headdresses, wreaths, garlands and collars from native plants such as papyrus. While the emotional impact of flowers has stayed the same, you may not have the same amount of time or expertise to design your own bouquet.

What’s a girl to do? Use these tips on buying the perfect flower arrangement, of course!


Before you start picturing a beautiful vase overflowing with flowers that will be sure to make your mom’s day, you need to find a partner in crime … AKA, someone or somewhere to buy the arrangement from! As you’ve probably realized, most grocery stores sell basic bouquets that, if you wanted, you could spruce up using tip number five. However, if you’d rather take advantage of someone else’s green thumb, look up local florists in your area. Not only will you find a gorgeously styled bouquet, but you’ll also enjoy supporting members of your community with your purchase!

Stuck at work and need flowers to be delivered before five that night? Then try gardening online instead! Plenty of flower delivery companies exist online but here’s a list of the top ten highest rated delivery companies according to Top Ten Reviews:

– FTD Flowers
– Pro Flowers
– Organic Bouquet
– TeleFlora
– Flora2000
– Harry & David
– Flowerbud
– Flowerpetal
– Flower

Which one to pick? That depends on you! Whether you’re an online shopping addict or barely know how to use Amazon, you’ve probably bought something off of the Internet before. Use that past experience when choosing the sweetest source for your flower arrangement in terms of costs, customer reviews and convenience!


You’ve got your local florist on speed dial or your favorite flower website on your computer screen. But before you even start looking at the most popular arrangements, ask yourself, “What am I buying these for?”

As the National Education Association explains, you want to tailor your flowers to the occasion. For instance, if you’re sending flowers for your cousin’s college graduation, you might want to research her school’s colors and send flowers that match. Or, if your friend is undergoing chemotherapy, you might want to send flowers with less intense scents in case the person has become sensitive to smells. Nearly every flower can be perfect in some context, just take the time to consider what flowers your situation calls for.


The best way to ensure that you pick the right flowers for the job? Speak flower! According to Jesusa Ceballos Escalante at Anza Del Amo Florist, colors are one ways that flowers “talk.” For instance, red flowers usually indicate love or romance while yellow implies friendship. If you send a male friend flowers, realize what message you could also be sending!

If the flower recipient loves reading the daily horoscope and prefers his or her birthstone to every other jewel, you could also think about ordering flowers off of a monthly theme. If so, check out the flowers by birth month listed below:

– January: carnation and snowdrop
– February: violet and primrose
– March: daffodil and jonquil
– April: daisy and sweetpea
– May: lily and hawthorn
– June: rose and honeysuckle
– July: larkspur and waterlily
– August: gladiolus and poppy
– September: aster and morning glory
– October: marigold and cosmos
– November: chrysanthemum
– December: poinsettia, holly and narcissus

If you’re stuck on the perfect flowers to buy, researching their symbolism may become your favorite alternative to eenie-meenie-minie-mo!


Now, let’s think of your basic flower choices – roses with marigolds, for instance – like your favorite little black dress: functional and beautiful on its own but, when paired with a few extras, a true showstopper. What are some bouquet boosters that could make your gift unforgettable? As Jesusa Ceballos Escalante explains, the options are limitless. However, some of the most popular add-ons include fruit and desserts (think Edible Arrangements) or other gourmet foods such as cookies, cheese and wine. A handwritten card or a cute balloon can also give your gift a (pun intended) lift.


Maybe you bought a basic flower arrangement but couldn’t afford the extravagant upgrades that you think you mom deserves? In that case, learn how to give your purchased flower arrangement a personal facelift! If you have several flowers at your disposal, you can follow the advice of DIY flower arrangers, like Howdini on YouTube. Her video, titled “Flower arranging: How to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro,” can help transform your mediocre arrangement into a masterpiece.

Edited by Angelica Pronto

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