Entity reports on the rise of the tiny house trend.

Looking to downsize your home and simplify your life? A tiny house might be the perfect solution.

The rising popularity of tiny houses in recent years has taken the United States by storm. Perhaps you’ve noticed their growing popularity. Shows such as “Tiny House Nation,” “Tiny House Builders,” “Tiny House,” “Big Living” and “Tiny House Hunters” leave viewers intrigued and interested in building tiny houses themselves. (Maybe you know people who spend their free time planning their perfect “tiny home community” and assigning different community tasks to people they know.)

So what is a tiny house? To be considered a tiny home, the square footage of the structure must be under 400 square feet.

After seeing the square footage on one of these bad boys, you’re probably shocked that anyone would choose to live in such a limited space. Where would you keep all your precious mementos? You couldn’t imagine where you’d put your snowglobe collection if you were forced to live in one.

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In fact, the size of a tiny home is one of its greatest benefits. First, downsizing one’s home also reduces electricity and water bills. Along with that, the people living in tiny homes are using less building resources and acquiring less material possessions. In this way, tiny livers are more environmentally conscious than their home owning counterparts.

Speaking of home owning, people who live in tiny homes are also more likely to own their dwelling. This means that, unlike your mansion renting friend, you have free rein over the design and layout of your home. With all the money you’ll save on property taxes and mortgages, you’ll be able to create a perfect little haven for yourself.

Tiny home owners also boast that their lack of physical space promotes an increase in headspace. By opting out of the typical consumeristic home owning mindset and freeing themselves of material possessions to some extent, they have less to worry about and more time to think. Saving money with a tiny home also means you’ll have more money to travel the world, or pick up and move at the drop of a dime; many tiny homes can be fitted onto a wheeled base, meaning that they can be moved around with ease.

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If you’re ready to downsize your space and maximize your happiness, then now might be the perfect time to look into a tiny home. Don’t worry about being too secluded in your shoebox home. The popularity of tiny homes has given way to tiny home villages. By opting for a tiny house, you’re joining a community. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a community based on environmental consciousness, internal contentedness and tiny living?

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