Entity shares the top fabrics for you couch.

A couch is essential to any home. Whether it ends up in the basement or in a dorm room, a couch can be a defining accessory.

Because of this, it’s important to think about matching your couch to the room, how many people will be sitting on it and whether or not it will be easy to clean. Ask yourself: Are you a college student? Do you have any pets?

Besides the standard cotton material, other fabrics such as microfiber and silk can work for your sofa, depending on what’s essential for your home. If you need help choosing, here are eight couch fabrics to consider.

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1 Microfiber

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Microfiber fabric is stain-resistant and perfect for any home that has kids and pets. The blended material is tightly knit and contains polyester and nylon. Because dust cannot penetrate the fabric very easily, it is easy to keep clean. If you ever have to clean the seats a vacuum or microfiber-specific cleaner from a furniture store is essential. 

2 Chenille

Made using yarn, chenille is another couch fabric favorite. The material is known for being soft and durable and should be regularly vacuumed with a brush attachment. It is not practical for families with kids and pets as it can easily get dirty and have to be reupholstered. That being said, it is a great fabric blend for heavily-used sofas and looks silkier and more elegant than microfiber material.

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3 Leather

Perhaps the smoothest fabric, leather couches are very stylish and modern. Leather couches, as opposed to cushion couches, are also more stain-resistant and sleek in design. There are many different types of leather to choose from: synthetic, genuine and faux, to name a few. Leather sofas are very durable and are useful for households with kids and pets, but also look great in a classier environment as well.

4 Nylon

Nylon fabric is known for being soft, durable and stain-resistant, but can fade from sun damage. This synthetic fiber requires little to no care, thus it is great for households with messy children. Nylon is often blended with other fabrics, such as polyester, to make it one of the strongest upholstery fabrics. In a blend, it helps eliminate the crushing of napped fabrics, such as velvet. Despite these benefits, however, the fabric does tend to fade and peel.

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5 Velvet

Known for being one of the softest fabrics around, velvet couches are perfect for rooms with antiques. They can also be placed in casual rooms because they are durable and comfortable. Either way, bright fabric colors will make velvet couches the focal point of any room. Additionally, they can also be used to make a room look more expensive.

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