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What’s the one thing that sparkles just as much as diamonds but costs way less? Glitter! Forget diamonds, glitter is a girl’s best friend. It is an essential part of any makeup or crafting kit. Adding some sparkle is an easy way to instantly add creativity. But what’s even better than glitter? Biodegradable glitter! Here is why you should do make the smart and sustainable switch to biodegradable glitter.

Glitter Harms the Ocean

Despite glitter being beautiful on your crafts and body, the effects it has on the environment aren’t so beautiful. Glitter is made up of tiny pieces of reflective plastic called microplastic. Plastic is a huge danger to our environment.

According to an article on CNN, microplastic is a well-known polluter and hazard of the world’s oceans. These microplastics can make their way to the ocean through plumping. When glitter is washed off your face or simply poured down the drain it will swim its way to the ocean.

Luckily for us, there is biodegradable glitter so we can stay shimmery while keeping our oceans shimmery.

What is Biodegradable Glitter?

So you’re asking yourself what exactly is biodegradable glitter? It is an environmentally friendly eco glitter. British scientist Stephen Cotton created it by using eucalyptus tree extract and aluminum according to Newsbeat.

The scientist took Newsbeat through the process of making this environmentally friendly glitter. The biodegradable glitter is made by metabolizing the eucalyptus tree extract with thin layers of aluminum and adding color for that sparkle.

The best part about the glitter is that it’s just as durable as regular glitter. “It feels softer because there aren’t hard plastic used in the process but it’s not like it will melt off your face at a festival,” Cotton said.

How to Use Biodegradable Glitter

So what’s the catch with biodegradable glitter? The catch is that there is no catch. Biodegradable glitter works the same, if not better than regular glitter. You can use biodegradable glitter on your face, body or arts and craft project. It will not only give the same effects as regular glitter but it will help the environment along the way. One tip that some biodegradable glitter companies suggest to do is apply the glitter to your face and body with an organic aloe vera gel instead of glue.

Where to Buy It

Now that you’ve read about the way glitter harms the Earth, here are a few places to shop for the eco-friendly glitter. The website Eco Glitter Friendly is perfect for all your biodegradable shopping needs. It has a wide variety of colors to chose from that can go on your face or an art project. The website also has a how-to-guide on applying their eco-friendly glitter. Another website is Eco Stardust. The website also provides a range of sparkling colors, along with glitter sets and accessories you can use to apply the glitter.

No more feeling guilty for those glitter obsessed fanatics out there. A simple switch to biodegradable glitter will make your hearts and the environment happy again. So go ahead and enjoy this guilt-free glitter!

Edited by Chloe Lew

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