donald trump fans hate women

It’s really difficult to read about Donald Trump’s healthcare plan and not come to the conclusion that he’s waging a war on women. From his efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and strip reproductive rights to his healthcare proposal which classifies rape, C-sections and postpartum depression (all things that primarily affect women) as pre-existing conditions, it’s clear that women’s health and safety is not his top priority.

And why should it be? After all, a chunk of Trump’s fan base hates women.

I know this because I often visit the sub-reddit The_Donald (which is credited with galvanizing a big chunk of his supporters during the election) and read the ignorant vitriol they spew about women on a daily basis.

Normally I try to ignore it. I tell myself these are sad, alt-right white males living in their parents’ basement and they have nothing better to do than attack women, and more specifically feminism, because they can’t get laid. I should let it go because they’re pathetic, right, who cares?

But the truth is, I don’t know if the picture I’ve painted in my mind is actually accurate.

These men (and some women) could be anyone. They could be successful bankers, lawyers, fast-food workers, mailmen, police officers, or even politicians (I see you Rep. Robert Fisher). They could seem totally normal on the outside and secretly hate women on the inside. After all, Trump is a huge misogynist and most definitely does not live in his parents’ basement.

So today, while women’s healthcare was being eviscerated, I felt like I had to do something, anything. Even if it was just writing this post.

Then I saw it. The_Donald put  up a screenshot of a text message exchange, which I posted below, that irked me. Who knows if it’s real or fake. It was meant to be funny. Honestly I couldn’t care less about the joke. I was more interested in the comments.

What “triggered” me, as my alt-right brothers would say, was the wave of female-bashing that followed. The comments focused on women being terrible, white men being awesome, and the fact that women simply don’t appreciate everything white men have done for them (like allowing them to vote and stuff).

It’s clear after reading just a few comments that these men *really* hate women. And *really* believe women should count their lucky stars that white men even allow them to exist. (I keep saying white men, because that’s what the commenters say).

So let’s dive in to this hell pool shall we.

In reference to white men doing everything for everybody, Redditor breadite112 wrote,  “White men gave women the vote, and civil rights. What has Feminism achieved?”

Well, oh great white man, one could argue it was feminism that achieved those things not white men. But, I feel that point would be lost on breadite112, and his brethren, considering one responded “Comment of the day. Stealing it.”

Yes, keep this circle jerk going boys. You’re all brilliant.

Next kurmitthefrug decided to point out that giving women the right to vote was actually a mistake.

“Back when only men could vote, men would also get married and have children 90% of the time …Therefore the politicians gained popularity not by selling themselves to the man as an individual, but instead to the family unit. Having the vote assigned to only one gender ensures that the family unit has the most say.” 

His super smart buddies agreed, giving women the vote was probably a mistake, so kurmitthefrug added some fuel to this white, hot fire.

“Many people gloss over giving the vote to women as something with 0 downsides. This view provides a very strong (in my opinion) argument to why giving both sexes the vote allows for the decline of a nation (through pitting the sexes against each other),” he wrote.

Ah yes, my right to vote has absolutely led to the decline of this nation. How could I be so stupid? I should have just waited until I got married and voted the way my husband wanted me to vote. Because that’s how you Make America Great.

But look at me rambling on like a dumb lady. Instead of being offended that men in this country actually want to strip me of my rights I should be thankful that my white male masters even gave me the opportunity to vote in the first place — as so many of them pointed out on this thread.

“If white men are so oppressive, why did women and minorities get equal rights?” wrote tdaccount841. Great point sir.

Except, now just hear me out for a second sir, one could argue that it was white men who were blocking those rights to begin with, being in charge and all. So it’s not that they “gave us” rights, so much as we took them.

You don’t agree sir?

“We’re so fucking oppressive we fought each other so the slaves would be free citizens of our repressive country. We helped convince one another that women are not property and are equal human beings, that they were right in their marches and demands of sufferage [sic],” added sippycup101. 

Hmm, okay. Again, sir, I’d like to point out that white males were the ones creating these issues. You can’t start a problem and then take credit for fixing it (especially when it took an entire war or half a century of protests). But you already knew this because you said “fought each other” so you recognize that white men were the oppressors and thus the ones who needed to be fought? Wait, now I’m confused because that means your own comment makes you sound … um … like an idiot.

We’re getting off topic though. How White Men Allegedly Saved Black People (which wow) is for another day. Let’s check back in with some other comments.

GStreetshit wrote, “Funny because literally every ‘accomplishment’ of feminism required them to ask a bunch of FUCKING white males for help with it,” referring back to the original joke.

Gee, why did we have to get white men to help us? Oh because they were the ones fucking oppressing us, right. Silly me.

“I’m so happy to know this sub. I’ve been so god damn frustrated with the socially sanctioned and government approved discrimination and hatred against whites,” wrote eventual_demise.

He’s right, the primarily white male government, definitely hates whites. How could they not?

The_Donald’s leader in action

Switching subjects for a second, YourMumsKunt wants to remind us that women who work “waste” their life as it prevents them from raising children.

“[Feminism] was always about destroying the family by encouraging women to waste their life working in a cubicle or factory instead of taking care of their children. Also doubling the supply of labor cuts wages in half, economics 101.”

How dare we double the labor? I mean what were we thinking with all this choice and freedom talk? How could we be so selfish!!!

“Yeah the more I’ve learned the more I’ve come to realize that feminism was a coordinated assault on the family, and it has directly lead to the dismal birth rates in the West,” agreed basedmillennial95.

Yes, yes. Women who work are terrible. A scourge on this planet. Should someone tell Ivanka Trump? I think she’s super into that. Oh wait, she doesn’t care. Her dad may not have created this misogynist monster but he’s sure as hell feeding it.

Having fun yet? The thread gets even better.

Other than bashing women working, women voting, and women existing in general the men on this thread also expressed feelings of being undervalued, because, according to them they are literally God.

Indeed, they invented everything, gave out all the “rights” (as if that’s something they exclusively owned and could hand out as they pleased), and without white men the earth would cease to exist.

“Men have invented pretty much everything we value today, especially from the west, I don’t see why that’s negative, can’t we appreciate and work together to make even greater things?” wrote The-Old-Ultraviolent.

You’re right. White men have done a lot, but — and I know this might come as a shocker — that’s because in the “West” they were the only ones allowed to do anything. Recall women and people of color were a little busy not being taught to read or write. Or you know being enslaved. So thanks?

“Seriously though, what would this current world be like without ‘white males’?” pondered Davegarri. “We’d probably still be wearing animal skins, hunting buffalo out on the prairie, and dying from ear infections.” Hmm, I think he’s saying that white men saved us from becoming Native Americans (thank God right)!

Wait, didn’t all the Native Americans die because of white men? Doesn’t that make them mass murderers technically? Wasn’t that one of the worst genocides like ever?  I’m not sure, I’m just a girl so I’m not very smart.

“I don’t get it why they want us White males dead? Without us the planet is going to be shit! Who is going to be the badass coal miners? Women? Who is going to clean out the sewers? Lal. Well if someone comes with what about blacks etc. Everyone in the tough jobs are heroes in my world. Thanks for keeping the world spinning around!” Said some guy whose name I don’t even want to look up because what is this crap?  No one wants you dead. Also, learn how to write.

And finally, “We should do our own March were all white men don’t show up for work one day. Oh wait, whole sections of global functionality would implode,” said another idiot, or should I call him supreme leader. I mean I am only typing on this computer because white men allow me to so he probably deserves my respect. #Blessed.

Well that’s enough of that. Honestly reading through these threads day after day is a little disheartening to say the least. And I know, I know, #NotAllWhiteMen. But the truth is there are men out there who believe this crap. And their leader, Donald Trump, is now the President of the United States and it’s basically open season on women as a result.

From The_Donald, to Men’s Rights, to The Red Pill (which again, was reportedly started by a U.S. politician STILL in office) it’s increasingly clear this s**t is no longer fringe. This is not a couple guys in the basement pathetically living their lives.

This is a lot of guys pathetically living their lives and it’s a problem.

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