ENTITY Mag shares why michelle wolf is the funny feminist to watch

If you haven’t heard of Michelle Wolf through the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, her performance at the 2018 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, her HBO Special “Nice Lady” or her new Netflix comedy series “The Break with Michelle Wolf,” then read this list to find out why Michelle Wolf is the funny feminist to watch.

Feminism, a major theme of Michelle Wolf’s Netflix series

ENTITY Mag shares why michelle wolf is the funny feminist to watch

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The first episode of Wolf’s Netflix series “The Break with Michelle Wolf” was released on May 27th. It is set up to look like a late-night show that discusses, as many shows of that kind do, news, politics, culture and social justice issues. What’s refreshing about Wolf’s show is that a common thread is feminism, what it means, what is doesn’t and the issues women have to deal with — like being asked way too often when they want to have kids (when it actually should be ‘if,’ or not be posed as a question at all if not also directed at men).

My personal favorite is her segment “Sports Smash,” a parody of sports commentary shows. Instead of talking about sports, Wolf features women who have achieved “positions of power,” as she says. But she also emphasizes that being a feminist doesn’t mean blindly supporting all women.

The first episode of “The Break” also features a pre-recorded segment in which Wolf mocks movies that have “a strong female lead.” In the parody trailer she repeatedly says that she is under indictment, that she only sleeps with male escorts (“I don’t have time for emotion in my sex!”) and that she does not sweat, sleep or spill wine – she only wins. Wolf’s point is that many movies with strong female leads often portray the protagonists like men.

“This character is as strong as any man, because it was originally written for a man, and we did a find-and-replace with the name Cassandra,” says the male narrator of the trailer.


Michelle Wolf and womens’ issues on The Daily Show


Lack of female representation

When U.S. senators proposed a new health care bill in May last year, Wolf pointed out on The Daily Show that the all-male panel had 13 white guys and no women.

“In that group they were able to get two Mormons, but no women. Which is weird for Mormons because normally they want extra women,” she joked.

Funny, but also painfully true. The male senators suggested a bill that would consider “irregular periods” a pre-existing condition that would deem women as uninsurable.

Wolf commented that “the only regular thing about a period is that it sucks.”

Fake Feminism

On this episode of The Daily Show in April 2017, Wolf criticizes Ivanka Trump’s ideas on maternity leave, childcare and sexual harassment.

According to Wolf, Trump’s suggestions were self-serving.

“Let’s review Ivanka’s formula for equality: Have a husband. Have children. Dress right. Don’t be poor. And don’t get mad when you’re harassed at work,” Wolf said. “She’s not trying to change the patriarchy, she’s telling women how to silently slide into it, like a DM.”

“So before you put too much hope in Ivanka, remember, she promotes a form of feminism that makes her rich by exploiting the very people she’s claiming to help,” Wolf continued. “That’s not being a feminist. That’s being a Trump.”

Uuuh, burn.

Michelle Wolf discovers new rape whistle

In her stand-up performance for HBO Wolf discusses safety issues in women’s bathrooms, and jokes that women only really worry about one thing in public restrooms.

“‘Do they know I’m the one that pooped? […] Which is a crazy thing to worry about in a women’s bathroom. […] If anything, you should poop very loudly,” she jokes. “Because then if there’s an attacker in there, he’ll be like, ‘Well not that one!'”

She goes on to suggest a new self-defense strategy, “You have to walk home late at night? Fart the whole way. Be your own rape whistle.”

Where to watch Michelle Wolf

If you didn’t already know that Michelle Wolf was the funny feminist to watch, you know now. You can find more of her on “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah,” in her HBO Special “Nice Lady,” on her Netflix show “The Break with Michelle Wolf” or any of her other performances.

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