Entity shares our favorite avocado recipes.

When you hear the word “avocado,” what comes to mind? Football games complimented by full spreads of guacamole and chips? The tense moment you first cut into an avocado, waiting to see if it’s perfect or brown? What about just all the good dishes you can make with one green ingredient?

Whether you’re known for experimenting in the kitchen or like to mash some avocado with salt and call it a day, here are ENTITY’s top eleven avocado recipes. Football season has never tasted so good!

1 Guacamole No Extra Charge

Who says simple can’t be delicious? This guacamole recipe uses a chef’s traditional favorite pairings – like ripe avocados, salt, lime or lemon juice, tomato and chilis – but it is still guaranteed to blow your taste buds away. Since it only takes 10 minutes to whip up, you can also make this guac your go-to last minute food for girl’s nights or a date with your (guacamole-lovin’) soulmate. Who knows? You may love this recipe so much you never pay extra for Chipotle’s guac again.

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2 Pancakes that Flip, not Flop

Are you the kind of woman whose favorite meal starts with “break” and ends with “ast”? If you’re also an avocado addict, this is the recipe you’ve been seeking for years. These pancakes are made with mashed avocado in the batter, along with ingredients like buckwheat flour (which is gluten-free and packed with protein, eggs and cinnamon). Sneaking some creamy greens into your first meal of the day may sound too good to be true … but, in this case, the proof is in the pancakes!

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3 An “Egg-celent” Lunch

Whether you feel best on a low-carb diet or are a successful businesswoman squeezing in lunch between meetings, this simple lunch (or dinner) will keep you full and get your taste buds dancing.  How easy is it to make? All you have to do is cut an avocado in half, crack an egg in the center and bake your masterpiece in the oven for 15 minutes. Add a little pepper, a little salt, maybe some bacon pieces if you’re throwing healthy out the window.

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4 Asian Avocado

Craving Asian cuisine but don’t have time to stop by your favorite take-out restaurant? This Asian sauce is quick to make and even quicker to devour on top of a creamy avocado. Even though the avocado originates in South America, combining it with Asian influences like minced ginger and soy sauce adds a flavor-packed twist to an old favorite. If you can’t afford to travel the world, you can at least get a taste of cultural diversity through your cooking!

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5 Your Taste Buds Will Salsa

Need a pick-me-up during a long day at the office? Look no further than this avocado feta salsa, which can dress up plain chips or pita bread. Sophisticated ingredients like red wine and feta cheese mean that you can even use this salsa as a unique appetizer during an elegant dinner party.  After all, most people love some chips and dip!

6 Perfect Pasta

Is your significant other a pasta addict? For your next date night, why not shake up your usual dinner with an avocado pasta? Replacing the traditional cheese and tomato sauce with avocado makes this dish vegetarian-friendly and even creamier than the pasta your mom makes. Just when you thought pasta couldn’t get any more addictive …

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7 Avocado and Cheese, Please

Speaking of creaminess and cheese, you can also upgrade your plain bowl of mac and cheese with an avocado twist! Not only will your mac and cheese have an entertaining color – goodbye yellow, hello green – but spices like garlic, cilantro and lime take this dinner to the next level. Avocado mac and cheese is also the perfect dinner for #WomenThatDo since you don’t even need to turn on an oven to whip up some edible art. Once you add avocado to your macaroni, who knows what experiments it will inspire next?

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8 Taco Tuesday

Is it Tuesday? Is it any other day of the week? If you answer “Yes” to either question, you need to make these spiced chicken tacos with avocado pomegranate salsa ASAP. Since pomegranates are just starting to appear in stores for fall, right now is the perfect time to whip up this colorful dish. Warning: If you usually host a girl’s night for Taco Tuesday, you may want to record yourself making these tacos so your friends don’t think you have a professional chef hiding in your kitchen!

9 Enjoy a Flavor Fiesta

Just because it isn’t Dia de los Muertos doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little American-Mexican culture in your meal. Thanks to chicken and pinto beans this Tex-Mex salad is packed with protein. You can also whip up a unique salad dressing – featuring sour cream, honey, olive oil and lime juice – to finish off your masterpiece. Eat this salad as a meal or as a side dish. Either way, it’s totally Instagram-worthy.

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10 The Secret to a Spicy and Sweet Salad

If you’re a fashionista, you know that some pieces – like a little black dress and red lipstick – just go together. Spice and cooling avocado are the same perfect pairing when it comes to cooking and this recipe proves it! After marinating juicy shrimp in a combination of lime juice, fish sauce and serrano chile, this dinner is guaranteed to pack a punch. If you’re wary of spice, though, don’t immediately discount this recipe. Any heat is balanced by grilled fruit and creamy avocado, making this is a refreshing salad for any occasion.

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11 Fabulously Creamy Fudge

Are you the kind of woman who can’t go to bed without a sweet treat? Then, crazy as it sounds, make sure you have plenty of ripe avocados nearby. This Chocolate Avocado Fudge couldn’t be easier to make: All you need to do is heat the chocolate, avocado, coconut milk and spices until melted and mixed. Although this fudge will taste rich, it’s also pretty darn good for you since it’s low in sugar and high in healthy fats. So when you earn your first promotion or master a hobby you’ve been practicing for months, make sure you have this treat waiting for you in the fridge.

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Whether you’re rooting for your hometown football team or hosting an elegant get-together with your favorite people, avocados are a woman’s best friend. They may have the reputation of being high in healthy fats, but avocados offer far more benefits than just that. They are as versatile as your go-to little black dress and you can cook with them as easily as you can share your edible masterpieces on Facebook or Instagram. #WomenThatDo know that there’s very little you can’t do – and devour – with avocado!

Edited by Gabrielle Waxtein

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