Entity uncovers six delicious California restaurants that prepare healthy meals.

How often have you started a diet and then quit after just a few days? Maybe you started eating healthy only to cave when you drove by your favorite guilty pleasure restaurant. While you might think that eating healthy implies it’s not going to be very tasty, that’s not always the case. There are many restaurants that feature both delicious and healthy meals.

Here are six eateries found throughout southern California that are full of nutrients, delicious and may motivate you to pursue a healthier lifestyle

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The name says it all. At the Healthy Junk, the burger and fries you’re eating are actually healthy vegan dishes without any GMOs. Even though it is a vegan establishment, that shouldn’t stop non-vegans from giving it a try! Try Junk’s classic burger with a side of curly yam fries or skinny fries.


Choose from one of Sweetgreen‘s signature menu items or create your own. Start with a base then add your favorite ingredients and your choice of dressing. Ingredients are sourced from local farmers and whole foods are delivered daily and prepared to serve in store.


Lyfe Kitchen features a casual setting with health and high quality in mind. Come with a friend or two and take your pick at one of their Shareables, such as a hummus plate or unfried buffalo chicken strips. For the main course, enjoy flatbread, soup or salad. Plate and bowl dishes, such as pasta or curry, are also offered.

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This restaurant has welcoming environment with quality gourmet food. Its menu has both a wide range of food and drink items. Grab a bowl, which comes with brown rice or quinoa, or maybe one of the appetizers. For choice of drink, enjoy a pressed juice or smoothie.


All food at Urban Plates is made from scratch each day. Ingredients are high quality, natural and organic, but won’t break your wallet. Each restaurant offers salads, sandwiches, soups, pizzas, baked goods and a range of hot and cold side dishes. Gluten-free options are also available.


Come for the organic coffee selection at this organic restaurant and try a light, guilt-free meals. If you’re grabbing breakfast, try a parfait or omelet. Stop by later in the day and take a pick from one of the many salads, sandwiches or entrees offered, such as smoked salmon, lasagna or a rice wrap.

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy place to dine while in southern California, make sure to take a stop at one of these six restaurants. It’s about time you don’t feel guilty each time you grab a bite.

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