ENTITY's founder and CEO says, "Donald Trump is not my president."

LOS ANGELES – I fought the good fight, but now, officially, I admit defeat.

I must publicly declare on behalf of ENTITY and myself, I can no longer even try to support President Trump.

You may recall “My Take” of February 19th, entitled “‘Not My President’ (No More),” which was my appeal to all of us as Americans to give the new president a chance.  Evaluate him based upon his performance in the job, not his past. Try to forget about the many outrageous things he has said and done against women.

For the good of our country, let’s give President Trump, I implored, a running start and let the chips fall where they may based upon his work as our leader, not his bombastic campaign or a successful reality TV show.

Well, I was in earnest about all this but after only a few short months, I can’t take it anymore. I don’t need to itemize for you the many outrageous things he has said and done in his leadership role that could be considered outright attacks on all that we stand for at ENTITY.

Just a few of these are:

1 Defunding Planned Parenthood and any nonprofits worldwide that have any involvement with abortion.

As we all know, the primary function of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, as well as the many similar organizations operating in Africa and other parts of the third world, is education about reproductive health and the ramifications of having more children than you can afford to support.

The immediate and long term effects of this decision alone are devastating to women throughout the world in many obvious ways. SO disappointing.

2 Continued assault on those of us who believe in climate change.

Trump’s own daughter Ivanka supposedly is a believer, but I guess she has not been successful at getting her father to accept what scientists worldwide say is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Ignoring sea level rise, resurrecting coal mining after it was almost snuffed out as a leading cause of carbon emissions, appointing a climate change denier to head the EPA and wanting to dismantle it entirely, the list goes on. All of which are simply terrifying for our children if not the millennial generation.

Trump’s commitment to undo much of what President Obama accomplished on getting the world to deal with effects of climate change as one – which was just starting to really gain traction –  is simply reprehensible. The fact that China will now lead America as the government doing most financially and otherwise to attempt to limit the impact of climate change is an embarrassment that will be with us forever.

3 Admittedly, Obamacare has issues and is not perfect.

However, it was at least a start in providing healthcare for disadvantaged Americans – including the growing segment of single female heads of household.

Perhaps ironically, lower class white rural Americans, a bedrock of support for Trump, will be severely affected by Trump’s focus on undoing much of Obama’s healthcare assistance program.

There are already cracks in the armor, as in, a wide variety of letters to the editor and internet chatter from this disenfranchised group that is coming to realize Trump’s policies will help the one percent and not the lower middle class. Hello!?

4 While also not a women s issue per se, Trump s seeming paranoia is deeply disturbing.

His dogged insistence that Obama bugged his offices, his inquiries into election results despite the fact that he had already won, smacks of Watergate act two … as in, Richard Nixon according to most historians would have won another term had he not been paranoid about his “enemies.”

I could go on but I don’t think it necessary.  The news here is that I am “officially” recanting my previous position as an American first, wanting to give Trump a shot to be “my President.”

And while he still holds that title, his performance to date has been extremely disappointing and beyond that, deeply disturbing.

At this point, all we can do is commit to making him a one-term prez and being sure that this time around, we ALL must get out there and vote to be sure we don’t face an eight year run of misogynist rhetoric and repressive policies that set our country back half a century.


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