Less than a month ago I was sitting in a Starbucks in my college town in Alabama, scrolling through pages and pages of articles on ENTITY’s website. I found myself completely mesmerized by the different categories, voices and styles that I came across. Many of the topics covered resonated directly with me, such as “7 Ways to Strengthen Your Long Distance Relationship,” or “20 Ways to Make the Most of Your 20s.” It was a great feeling, finding these articles that I could so deeply relate to. I also read some lighter articles just for fun. Examples of these are, “Which ‘Riverdale’ Character Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?” and “Why You Should Copy Carrie Bradshaw’s Style This Summer.”

I quickly discovered that this magazine is doing something different. ENTITY is covering all of the important topics—from politics to body image issues to sustainability—as well as keeping things fun with an entire category dedicated to zodiac sign quizzes and an Instagram page full of relatable memes. I knew immediately this was a place I wanted to work. Not only do I love writing, I love writing to make a difference, and that is what ENTITY is all about it.

After multiple rounds of completing applications, submitting writing samples and participating in a phone interview, I finally received the news that I had been accepted into ENTITY Academy! I couldn’t believe it. They had over 2,000 applicants, and I was one of the 50 accepted. The next few weeks flew by in a whirlwind, and honestly none of it felt real. However, 48 hours ago I landed at LAX and I’m currently sitting in ENTITY HQ, so it definitely feels real now. With seven weeks full of training, mentorship and growth on the horizon, I thought it was only fitting to write my first article on what I’m looking forward to here at ENTITY Academy.

1 Seven weeks of mentorship

ENTITY Academy 3 things about mentorship

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Today is our very first day in the office, so this morning we (of course) went around the room and introduced ourselves. Along with our names, universities and hometowns, we were asked to share why we chose to work at ENTITY this summer. My answer came to mind immediately. I explained to the group that I had been drowning in internship applications, and the minute I came across ENTITY I knew it was different. The program stood out to me because it was unlike any other company, program or application I had ever seen. ENTITY Academy is part learning and part mentorship, encouraging both professional and personal growth. This appealed to me,  along with many other parts of the program, and instantly ENTITY became my top choice for where I wanted to spend my summer. Now that I’m here, I can’t wait to be surrounded by inspirational women for the next several weeks. I’m excited to learn from them, confide in them and work hard right along with them.

2 Enhancing my current skills & learning new ones

Entity Academy 3 things about mentorship

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While the mentorship aspect really stuck out to me, so did the skill set I would be mastering during the program.  Seeing as I am attending Graduate school in the Fall, I wanted to spend my summer working somewhere that would be the absolute best option for my future. Somewhere I would be learning skills that could benefit me both academically and professionally going forward. With a curriculum guide including SEO, Digital PR/Linkbacks, Social Packaging and Graphic Design, I knew ENTITY was the place for me. At the end of this program I will have a portfolio full of work that I have created here, which will be extremely helpful in applying for future positions.

3 Becoming a part of the #WomenThatDo

Overall, I’m excited to be a part of a group of women who are truly passionate about so many amazing things. From the Love Yourself Summit we’ll be having to the Speaker Series we will be participating in, I know that I am in for the summer of a lifetime. ENTITY’s motto is to, “empower women to embrace their inner voice, to live loudly, boldly and authentically.” This spoke to me on a very deep level, and I am excited to leave here feeling more confident than I ever have before.

Being part of the #WomenThatDo means being a part of a very diverse group. My fellow mentees are all here with different stories, different backgrounds, different majors, different passions and different life goals. This is so inspiring to see, and to be a part of! While we are all doing different things, we are all #WomenThatDo.

Edited by Kylie Anderson

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