Approval ratings for First Lady Melania Trump have soared since her husband was inaugurated, according to a  new poll.

Now 52 percent of Americans have a favorable view of her, up from 36 percent before Donald Trump took office, says the poll released by CNN.

But those numbers might well cause envy in her husband whose own approval ratings continue to slide and are down to 38 percent in the latest poll from  Quinnipiac University.

Chart via Fox Insider;

While Donald Trump goes from one controversy to another, his wife is now much more popular than him. That’s despite being an unconventional first lady in that she prefers her New York penthouse over living at the White House.

It appears that her approval numbers are way up largely thanks to previously undecided voters who had yet to form an opinion of Melania but like what they see the more she emerges as a public figure. Pre-inauguration, 23 percent had no opinion about the first lady, compared with 12 percent now.

It’s also down to her being a big hit with men rather than women. The poll numbers show that 58 percent of men view the former model positively but only 46 percent of women do.

Educational profile also is a factor there. Just 46 percent of women with college degrees view her favorably, while women without degrees give Melania a 55 per cent favorability rating.

Photo via Instagram/@melaniatrumpfashion

Her favorable rating among men without degrees is a mighty 72 percent while for those men with degrees, that number is 62 percent.

It comes as little surprise that the results fall along party lines with 86 percent of Republicans viewing the first lady favorably as opposed to just 22 percent of Democrats.

But that margin is much wider for Melania Trump than it was for Michelle Obama, who in April 2009 had a favorable rating of 93 percent among Democrats and 50 percent among Republicans.


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