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Halloween is some time away, but you can get in the spooky spirit at any time in the year. Just use Netflix.

If you’re an adrenaline freak who loves the thrill of scary movies, then you probably keep up with scary movies often. And if you’re a Halloween fanatic who wishes Halloween was a year long event, then binge-watching these movies on Netflix will put you in the perfect year-round Halloween mood.

So, ENTITY’s compiled a list of Halloween movies on Netflix for your video queue.

This list includes a couple new movies and a couple classics for the perfect mix of new and old. The best way to do this is to gather a bunch of friends and snacks and binge watch the night way. But if you’re a riding solo kind of gal, you can also just sit in your room and watch these alone.

Either way, sit back, get comfortable and make your way through this list of terrifying, funny and weird scary Halloween movies on Netflix.

1 “It Follows”

ENTITY reports on halloween movies on netflix

This movie is a cinematic masterpiece. After the main character, Jay, has sex with her date, she awakens to him telling her that he passed a curse onto her and the only way to get rid of it is to sleep with someone else.

This isn’t your average Halloween movie, and the cinematography in this movie gives it the strange, old-film vibe that gets deep under your skin.

2 “Basic Instinct”

This is more of a psychological thriller, but the movie haunts your mind even after you’ve finished watching it. When Catherine’s, played by Sharon Stone, love interest is found dead, Catherine becomes the lead suspect in an investigation led by Nick Curran, played by Michael Douglas.

This movie is filled with so many twists and turns that you’ll never see coming.

3 “Corpse Bride”

ENTITY reports on halloween movies on netflix

Tim Burton’s movies will always be popular. This animated film is more funny and beautiful than terrifying but the overall feel of the movie will give you goosebumps.

The way Burton portrays death and the loss of a loved one will make you think about your future, which, if we’re being honest, is scarier than a horror film. But no worries. Since it’s a great family movie, you won’t have to watch it and think about your future alone.

4 “A Girl Walks Home At Night”

You’ve probably never heard of this one, but this Persian film is also considered an Iranian feminist film. This black and white horror film portrays a vampire feminist who haunts terrible men. She’s the hero we need and deserve.

As an Iranian, I can tell you this movie will give you a deep look into Persian culture with the exception of the feminist man-hunting vampire.

5 “The Addams Family”

ENTITY reports on halloween movies on netflix

This is an ultimate classic that is an integral part of every scary movie binge watching marathon. The Addams Family is probably the creepiest family in movie history – I mean, will you just look at Wednesday in the scene above? But their eeriness is also why we love them.

These movies are the ultimate scary movies for beginners. Unless, of course, you scare easily. In that case … be careful.

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