Entity discusses the five reasons being on time helps professional women succeed.

Being punctual is a mindset. It is a constant awareness of how time works, scheduling and a bigger picture of what is happening around you. When it comes to being on time, the world is split into two different types of women: women who are always either early or perfectly on time and women who are always running late. For the ladies that err on the side of punctual caution, they reap some serious benefits.

Here are 5 reasons the punctual woman is successful.

1 She Rules at First Impressions.

First impressions aren’t just applicable within the workplace. First impressions are important in all aspects of life. Whether it’s a date, an interview or a group event, if you’re on time you have already set yourself up in a positive light.

According to Carol Goman on Forbes, first impressions are so critical because of how our brains work. Our limbic system, particularly the amygdala, is the first part of the brain to receive and react to information. The amygdala takes incoming stimuli and decides whether or not something is threatening.

Goman explains, “Before the conscious mind has had time to logically evaluate someone, the limbic brain has already made a decision. And, because these decisions are made without a logical process of deliberation, they impact us with the immediacy and power of an old-brain survival imperative — unconsidered, unannounced and, in most cases, impossible to resist.”

Because we are psychologically programmed to see what we expect to see, once our brain has made this “unconscious evaluation” and has labeled someone as friend or foe, that label will stick and they will “look for and take note of your behaviors that reinforce that opinion.”

2 A Punctual Woman Is Not Selfish.

A punctual woman lives under the fundamental rule that being late is selfish to those around her. By being on time, she shows she is considerate of others and of the bigger picture at hand. To employers, friends or even love interests, being punctual shows that she respects them as individuals and values their time. This helps develop healthy relationships off the bat.

Although tardiness can be understandable because we live in a busy world, The Muse warns, “Being chronically late sends the message that whatever you’re doing is simply more important than the task at hand — and that your time is more valuable than everyone else’s.”

3 She Gets More Done More Efficiently.

When a woman is always on time, she fits more into her schedule and leaves little room for error. Diana DeLonzor, author of “Never Be Late Again,” who has done research on punctuality and lateness, tells Huffington Post that early people tend to err on the side of caution because they “prefer to meet deadlines with plenty of time to spare.”

A punctual woman accounts for worst-case scenarios and gets more done with fewer mistakes.

4 She Is Passionate about What She Does.

Nothing screams that you care more about what you do than being on time and prepared. Being on time to meetings, lunches, dinners or family events show that you care in the simplest of ways. People want to surround themselves with people that care, whether it’s their business that they are considering trusting you with or with being a maid of honor at a wedding. If you care about what they care about, you’re in their circle. Being on time is the first way to show you care.

5 The Punctual Woman is Reliable.

It’s impressive when a woman has command over her own life. Being on time shows just that. Not only are you organized, but you are reliable and responsible. When people trust you, you rise in the ranks and get opportunities to show your capabilities. Especially in the work place, punctuality shows that “you’re dedicated to the job, interested in the work and capable of handling responsibility.”

Punctuality is a trait that can progress and jumpstart careers and reputations, which ultimately leads to success. The punctual woman knows that it is much more than just being on time. Punctuality is about reliability, respect, awareness and passion.

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