Entity shares some success stories from India.

Despite the many issues and struggles India faces, it’s a nation with an incredible history. Part of the Indus Valley Civilization that began millennia ago, many historians call India “a cradle of civilization” where sophisticated societies flourish and contribute to art, music, astronomy and mathematics.

However, India still faces issues with inequality, poor infrastructure and inflation, says Economic Help. So while there are strides to be made in progress, these are five inspiring stories from the beautiful faces of India.

1 Shubendu Sharma

Sharma made good money as an engineer but he decided to leave his high paying job to plant trees. An advocate for sustainability and pro-environmentalism, Sharma wanted to rival India’s high emissions by planting as many trees as possible. Using the Miyawaki method of growing “saplings,” Sharma has successfully grown over 48 forests throughout India and developed an “open source” platform for people to use to build their own forests.

In a TED talk, Sharma explains how anyone can grow a forest anywhere.

2 Akash Bhardwaj

While attending a Diwali celebration, Bhardwaj encountered a blind woman with acid scars who was attacked by her husband and then left her to care for her child alone. Inspired by the woman’s resilience, Bhardwaj decided to hire only blind and acid attack survivors at his travel agency, Khaas.

The women get assisted programming to help navigate their tasks without vision. Akash states that this is an opportunity for visually-impaired women and survivors to come together, support their children and feel like there’s a place for them in society. An employee from Khaas told The Better India magazine, “I am extremely happy with my job at Khaas. I love the agency with all my heart because this is where I have learnt many new things. I believe that Khaas and Akash sir will change my future I will remain grateful to him forever.”

3 Sheetal Mehta Walsh

Armed with a degree from the London School of Economics and a drive to help women in India, Walsh is the founder of “Shanti Life,” a micro financing platform that helps villagers in Gujarat start their own businesses and generate wealth within their communities.

During a TEDx Talk, Walsh discussed entrepreneurship in India.

She was featured in 25 most successful Indian women entrepreneurs on the website Her Saga. In addition, she has won awards which include the Asian Women of Achievement Award, “One to Watch” in Asian Woman Magazine’s Power 100 list, Success Magazine’s Top 5 Most Powerful Asian Women in the UK and an Alumni Award of Excellence from the University of Alberta, reports TEDx.

4 Sindhutai Sapkal

Sapkal is 68, but she’s still armed and dangerous with vivacious energy and a positive spirit. She had a heartbreaking start when her abusive husband threw her out of the house when she was nine months pregnant. After giving birth in a cow shelter, Sapkal sought refuge in her mother’s house, but was refused.

While begging on the streets, she realized how many children are orphaned, homeless and hungry. This realization inspired her to adopt children in need. Over her lifetime, she had mothered up to 1,400 orphans, earning her the name “mother of orphans.” While she has won over 500 awards and gaining significant media attention, her fight to feed and support children continues.

5 Sudha Chandran

An actress and a Kerala-born classical dancer, Sudha Chandran was a lover of the dance Bharatnatyam since a child. At age 16, doctors had made a medical error in ignoring a small ankle wound. When it got infected, they were left with no choice but to amputate her leg. Even after such a traumatic experience, Chandran’s spirit and love for dance was unmoved. Today, she is still one of the most prominent and acclaimed classical Bharatanatyam dancers in all of India and even internationally.


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