ENTITY lists the adult board games to play after hours.

It’s Friday night game night with friends, 21 and over, of course! Its one of those nights where no one can make up their mind on a game to play. Whether or not alcoholic drinks are involved, there are adult board games to spice up the night.

Put away the Candy Land and Uno! Grab a board game that’ll either result in the players to be naughty or nice! Surely, abs will form after a night of non-stop laughter with these games.

Invite them over! Have fun, learn and be interactive with your great company.

Here are the five adult board games to take that Friday night game night to another level.


1 Cards Against Humanity

ENTITY lists all the adult games that you can play during after hours.

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There’s the old classic game favorite Cards Against Humanity. There’s no way to go wrong with playing this to start off the night. It’s one of many popular party games that require players to expose their humorous side. A player will pick a card from the topic deck, while other players will fill-in the blanks of statements using words or phrases. Normally, the cards are risqué, politically incorrect or down right offensive. That’s what makes it fun.

Playing Cards Against Humanity will either make your mouth open in disbelief or have you laughing out loud. It’s the perfect game to play around people who can handle taking jokes.


2 Midnight Taboo

ENTITY lists the adult board games that can be played after hours.

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The box cover screams adult party! With its “unspeakable late-night fun,” Midnight Taboo is the adult-rated edition to the popular game of forbidden words. It’s your job to guess the target word without using any of the forbidden words listed on the card. But, hurry up because time is limited. There’s a buzzer that goes tick-tock, making it a little harder to guess on the spot. Put together a good group of people and get to playing! The pressure is on.


3 Who Is Most Likely To

It’s time to put friendships to the test! The game of Who Is Most Likely To will allow you and your friends to vote on who in the group is “most likely to” either be something, do something or act a certain way. It shows how one pays attention to their actions, personalities and how well you listen to them. Think of it as high school senior superlatives. From who is most likely to be basic, to who is most likely to dance on top of tables, to who is most likely to have a superficial conversation with a stranger. What your friends choose for you might surprise you!


4 Family Feud After Hours

ENTITY lists the adult board games that can be played after hours.

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Everyone loves to watch Family Feud on TV. Don’t lie and say you haven’t said the answers out loud when Steve Harvey asks those questions. We’ve all done it. Now, is the time to have the game at home. The only difference is it’s  an “after hours” edition.  You will have to name some things that will make the game more relatable, hilarious and sexual. Now that’s some adult fun!

5 That’s What She Said

Cheers to another party in a box! Up to four players can play this unique, outrageous board game. If you want a fast-paced party game to get through the night, then That’s What She Said is the game for you. It’s filled with twisted innuendos as you match up hilarious red cards to white cards with phrases on them. Some might not make sense, but others might be too accurate sending a laugh attack your way. If you get five setup cards first you are the winner. Make the prize a fun one!

Adult board games are nothing less than entertaining. These five games will amp up game night, especially around good company.

Edited by Shahrazad Encinias

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