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If you enjoy social media and dance videos, then you might’ve heard about Queens N’ Lettos. You might’ve also heard of the woman behind this dance empire: Aliya Janell. Janell has made quite the presence on our Instagram accounts, and most of us have probably binge-watched her dance videos on YouTube.

ENTITY reports on aliyah janell

Photo via Instagram/chrisbrownofficial

With over 1.3 million Instagram followers, over 500,000 YouTube subscribers and shoutouts from celebs like Trey Songz and Chris Brown, Janell is a star on the rise. Here are 10 of her jaw-dropping dance videos that will make you want to throw on a pair of stilettos and bust a move.

1 Flawless Live

Janell’s dance moves are not only Yonce-inspired but they also show off the confidence that the song represents. The live version of this song gives the choreography a positive vibe for every woman.

2 Chun Li

These hard moves will have every viewer hyped. The attitudes of the dancers make the choreography entertaining.

3 Top Off

Dancing to Beyonce’s verse, it is hard to look away. Janell makes her hard-hitting moves look graceful and sensual.

4 Toot That Whoa Whoa

Janell collaborated with fellow dancer/choreographer Nicole Kirkland for a badass routine. The swag displayed throughout this routine is beyond impressive. It may seem difficult to choreograph to a twerk song, but Aliya Janell makes it look effortless and fun. All of the dancers in the video are amazing to watch.

5 Bartier Cardi

Choreographed to 21 Savage’s verse and the chorus, these moves are fun to imitate. Janell incorporates her hard-hitting moves with swag like no other. The routine may also be easier to learn than her other routines.

6 Drunk in Love

Arguably one of Queen Bey’s sexiest songs ever, it is not hard to make a seductive routine to it. However, Janell does it again with the phenomenal dance moves. Check out the video to see her version of the “serfbort.”

7 Booty (Remix)

Some people probably first heard of Aliya Janell from this dance video. This video has over 3 million views and has been shared all over social media, including Twitter and Instagram. When you watch the routine, you will see why. Janell makes every woman want to try the “split with no hands” move. However, you might not want to try some of these dance moves at home.

8 Scream

This Michael and Janet Jackson-inspired routine is nothing less than flawless. Janell’s choreography goes back a little a time, and she makes it fun to imitate and watch.

9 Mi Gente

The moves are stunning and sexual. Janell and her dancers each put their own spin on the routine, which makes it enjoyable to watch.

10 Juicy Booty

This routine could be fun to imitate for your partner. The upbeat, fun song allowed Janell to choreograph a sultry and lively routine.

All of Aliya Janell’s routines incorporate stilettos, which makes the name Queens N’ Lettos perfect for her brand. Her routines may be explicit, but the confidence that every dancer exudes in her choreography can empower those watching. Her provocative dance moves display the confidence that she and her fellow dancers feel while performing. Janell’s dance videos prove that it is okay to be sexy and show it. Her strong social media presence is definitely one to follow.

Her following and epic choreography did not go unnoticed, as Nicki Minaj collaborated with her for one of Minaj’s singles, Chun Li.

ENTITY reports on aliyah janell

Photo via Instagram/thealiyahjanell

At only 23 years old, Janell has used social media to showcase her talent and has become a hit. The stilettos make every routine 10 times sexier, regardless of the type of moves she hits. With her videos going viral, Janell and her brand are trending to the top. It will be fun to see where Aliya Janell and Queens N’ Lettos will end up in the next year or so.

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