Bill O'Reilly tried to seize his wife's bank accounts

More bad news for Bill O’Reilly. The disgraced Fox News host tried to seize his wife’s bank accounts, attempting to collect over $14 million from her, but the court has shut him down.

According to court docs filed in New York Supreme Court, Nassau County — and obtained by ENTITY — O’Reilly’s ex-wife, Maureen McPhilmy, has not been able to “pay ordinary living expenses ” after the Fox host served her bank with a notice to freeze her accounts.

Now a court has ruled that’s not okay and McPhilmy’s accounts are to be released immediately, to O’Reilly’s dismay.

This is just the latest development in the contentious history between O’Reilly and McPhilmy.

If you recall the duo divorced back in 2011 after 12 years of marriage, but the ensuing custody battle was brutal. For example, even though the court records have been sealed, leaked transcripts show that O’Reilly’s daughter told a court-appointed forensic examiner she witnessed her father dragging her mother down the stairs and choking her.

In 2015 McPhilmy won sole residential custody of the couple’s two children, and it appeared the end was near.

Then in 2016 the battle took a weird turn. O’Reilly filed a $10 million civil lawsuit against his ex-wife claiming she tricked him into a divorce settlement in order to finance an extra-marital affair. O’Reilly actually won the lawsuit in a default judgement, meaning his ex-wife didn’t even show up to fight it, and was awarded over $14 million — which is more than he was asking for.

In an attempt to collect that money O’Reilly served Morgan Stanley, his ex-wife’s bank, and got them to freeze her assets.

Problem is McPhilmy is now appealing the court’s decision (remember O’Reilly only won by default originally) and told the court she can’t pay her bills or her legal fees while her accounts are frozen. She asked the court to allow her accounts to be unfrozen while she once again battles it out with O’Reilly.

O’Reilly then asked the court to keep the accounts frozen.

Which brings us to now, when the court sided with McPhilmy and issued the following order:

“In effect to lift the restraining notices served by the respondent upon the appellant and upon Morgan Stanley so as to allow the appellant to pay ordinary living expenses and legal fees incurred in connection with the above-entitled action as well as related custody proceedings, to authorize Morgan Stanley to release money from the appellant’s accounts to pay ordinary living expenses and legal fees incurred in connection with the above-entitled action as well as related custody proceedings.”

Legal speak for, she gets her bank accounts back.

Sadly, this isn’t O’Reilly’s only problem at the moment. We broke the story earlier this week O’Reilly has filed a motion asking a judge to keep 1,000 documents related to his divorce settlement and custody battle sealed — he’s worried they will be made public in connection to a different civil lawsuit he filed against his ex-wife’s divorce attorney. One can only imagine what the documents contain, but it’s clear O’Reilly does not want them getting out. (He even tried to keep this ruling sealed, but the court denied that request).

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Not only that, O’Reilly is also in the midst of a well-timed vacation after the New York Times revealed he’s paid out over $13 million in hush money in regards to sexual harassment allegations filed against him at Fox News.

Between the legal battles, the sexual harassment claims, and allegations of domestic violence it’s no wonder he wants to disappear for awhile.  To which we say “adios”.

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