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“Broad City” season three was a crazy adventure for Abbi, Lana and the audience. The girls finally hit the brick wall between forever young and adult life. We saw many series arcs come to an end, such as Abbi struggling as a custodian and Lana searching for a position that fits her personality. After three years of struggling, we finally saw the girls grow.

So for the first time, the show wasn’t just for identification, it portrayed growth – a new era.

Now that the new season of “Broad City” is less than two months away, we’re feeling a bit nostalgic. You know, the kind of feeling you get after graduation, when you find yourself scrolling through your Instagram for those amazing memories. Or when you and your friends pull an all-nighter talking about the crazy nights you were too drunk to take proper photos on your phone.

But guess what? Everything you’ve been through has turned you into the person you are today. You just had to learn from your twentysomething (or late teen) mistakes first, just like Abbi and Lana.

And to celebrate these moments of growth, here are the top seven moments Abbi and Lana captured the struggle of twentysomethings and showed us ways to grow from them.

1 You re Not Bipolar, You re a Professional.

Entity talks broad city season 3


In episode three of “Broad City’s” season three, Ilana finally got the promotion she didn’t deserve. Boss lady investor, Elizabeth Carlton, gave her the upgrade from a deal scout to Social Media Manager. Apparently, Lana’s stomach colored in by a red marker didn’t hint to Carlton that Lana might not be up for a public platform.

However, instead of Lana reining it in and understanding that there had to be two different Lanas – professional vs. personal – she posted a bestiality picture (because that’s her sense of humor) and lost her job.

Now, it’s okay to have two different versions of yourself in various situations. It doesn’t make you bipolar to speak differently, dress differently or act differently in different settings. Don’t think you’re selling out when you complete a task your boss asked you to do, but didn’t fully agree with. You were just trying to keep your job so you can continue to pay your bills.

However, sometimes certain jobs and tasks simply aren’t a good fit for you. When you feel like you’re being constrained too much, that’s when you put in your two weeks. During those weeks, you can start looking for a job and asking for references.

But just to make things clear: termination due to bestiality-related misconduct does not look good on a resumé.

2 Swipe left.

Entity talks broad city season 3


When Ilana tried to gain more money after spending a fortune on pest control, Abbi dealt with her own type of pests: bare minimum bros. Abbi had just gotten the Tinder app to bring rain to her sexual drought, but her results were a bit lackluster. These guys weren’t horrible, but you don’t get a trophy for participating … if you know what we mean.

This episode showed the importance in being selective. You’re a “kween,” just like Lana (and Abbi, of course). So, you’re allowed to be selective about guys and the amount of time you spend on them. It’s not stuck up, it’s about knowing your worth.

3 If it s not in your checking account, you shouldn t be checking for it.

Entity talks broad city season 3


Episode six of “Broad City’s” season three was exciting because it put the girls out of Brooklyn and into the suburbs. Lana just wanted to immerse herself in everything that was pre-Brooklyn Abbi. And that same day, Abbi wanted to make amends for keeping her friend, Alice’s, fundraising money for her accident. That goal gets lost along the way, however, as the girls spend money to save the money.

Let us explain.

It started when the girls bought bowling shoes with Alice’s fundraising money to find her address. The $50 out of $900+ wasn’t too bad, but it snowballed from there. Shortly after that, Abbi spent money to buy drinks for Schiffiless. Then she spent more money on liquor to get a free ride instead of just paying for a cab. Because of this, Alice called Abbi a horrible person, shook Abbi’s confidence and Lana gave up a $13,000 beanie baby to make Abbi and Alice feel better.

They took some serious monetary losses because they spent the money they intended on saving. In the larger picture, this can be applied to people’s savings in general.

Everyone is trying to hustle and save money so they can move up in life, but you won’t be able to do that if you keep spending the money you were meant to save. Do you really need to hit the club this weekend? Must you call Dominoes when you have DiGiorno Pizza cooling in the freezer?

Don’t take serious monetary Ls and end up with a deficit. When all you have is the money you’re saving, you’re technically broke.

4 Don t Entertain Shady guys unless You Want to Get Shaded.

Entity talks broad city season 3


In this episode, Abbi and Lana decided to put their apartments on Airbnb to get some extra cash. Lana’s night was grand. She had a heart to heart with Abbi during a smoke session. She got in a club with free bottle service. And then she ended the night doing tons of things on her bucket list with a guy over six feet five inches. On the other hand, Abbi got robbed by a cheesy guy with a fake French accent. But he was cute, so, of course, she immediately started planning their future together.

And it turned out that the guy was just an elaborate robber. His questions about her birthday were suspect, especially because he had just met her. However, Abbi was just so ready to start planning their future relationship, she already invested her trust in him before she actually got to know him.

Moral of the story? Never over-invest yourself, your time or your resources on someone who hasn’t shown they will do the same. If you do, they’ll take more away from you than just their presence when they leave. Keep your power and your property.

5 Run Literally, Not Metaphorically.

Entity talks broad city season 3


“Broad City’s” season three, episode eight did a full circle from season one, episode one, “What A Wonderful World.” Abbi went from having a stalker-ish obsession for her neighbor to an emotionally and physically satisfying relationship with Trey. She went from her crappy job as a janitor, living vicariously through other trainers, to becoming a trainer herself.

Lana, on the other hand, started with a solely physical arrangement with Lincoln and a wild disregard for her job at Deals Deals Deals. But then in the beginning of episode eight, she had a ‘Will and Jada relationship’ with Lincoln. It was great. In this arrangement, they committed most of their time and emotions to each other, but also allowed each other to have sexual freedom.

Entity talks broad city season 3


However, all that fell apart in this episode, because both Lana and Abbi were metaphorically running.

Lincoln decided that Lana’s half-in relationship habits weren’t enough for him anymore. This rocked Lana because she committed a lot of herself to Lincoln, even though she hadn’t committed sexually. Likewise, Abbi didn’t want to commit to her feelings and admit them truthfully to Trey. And because of this, she blew up her friends with benefits relationship with him. This could’ve also negatively affected her new job at work!

In a very complete and wholesome kind of way, this episode taught us that running away from commitment and responsibility will keep your life from progressing. No one wants to be stagnant in life, but all of that metaphorical running will keep you in place. The girls ended up almost exactly where they were in, in “What A Wonderful World.” After three seasons of development, they were back to square one. Don’t do that.

6 Treat Yo Self,

Entity talks broad city season 3


Episode ten of “Broad City’s” season three focused on the girls trying to put their lives back together after it came crashing down. But thankfully, when life got rough, the girls decided to get back in touch with themselves and their beliefs.

Take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter if your self-care comes in the form of a pedicure or if it comes in the form of a birthright journey. Everybody needs one moment or day (if you have it) to do something selfish. Mental health is the best form of health, ladies.

Basically, this season did more than just give the audience validation for struggling in their twenties. They gave us character growth, plot development and real issues facing women and the younger generation today.

So, to our favorite “Broad City” women: thank you.

Entity talks broad city season 3


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