Entity shares what shows Cassandra Jean has been on.

Do you know Cassandra Jean?

If not, I bet she at least looks pretty familiar. You know those people who guest star on different shows so you see them a lot, but you can’t quiet remember their names?

Well, that’s Cassandra Jean. She’s been a guest on so many shows that it would be insane not to recognize her. Aside from acting, Cassandra is a mom, wife and a beauty queen.

Here are five shows you’ve most likely seen her in.

1 “America’s Next Top Model”

Cassandra wasn’t just a guest on “America’s Next Top Model,” she was one of the contestants. Most people probably remember her as the girl from Cycle five who cried when Tyra told her that she would be cutting her long locks.

Cassandra was the first girl to be chosen to be a part of the Top 13 of Cycle five. However, she went on to quit the show after the makeover episode. A fun fact about Cassandra is that she never appeared in the bottom two while she was on “ANTM.”

2 “One Tree Hill”

In 2009 Cassandra was a guest on “One Tree Hill.” She played the role of Missy. For any die-hard “One Tree Hill” fans, you know EXACTLY who Cassandra played.

But, if you’re a normal person and shows don’t consume your entire life to the point where even five years after the show’s ending you still know the guest, you’re about to find out.

Basically, Cassandra played Missy who was hired to play Brooke’s (Sophia Davis) character in Lucas’ movies that Julian was set to direct. This might not seem like a big deal. However, Brooke and Julian were madly in love and he ends up taking Missy as his date to Lucas’ wedding. Complicated right? That’s not even the start of it.

3 “Mad Men”

Entity shares facts about Cassandra Jean.

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Cassandra played the small role of Carolyn Jones on “Mad Men.” If you’re scratching the back of your head and saying “Who?” that’s completely understandable.

Carolyn was the woman who went to visit Peggy (Elisabeth Moss). If you’d like to see Cassandra for your own eyes you can see her in the episode “Tomorrowland.”

4 “CSI”: Literally Almost Every Spin-Off

Again, the internet has failed us with visual proof. But, Cassandra did appear on various episodes of the “CSI” shows. Although on “CSI: Miami” she was uncredited, she later went on to be credited on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and “CSI: New York.” These were small roles, but they’ll still make one wonder, “Hm, where do I know her from?”

5 “Hart of Dixie”

Quite possibly one of the greatest shows on the CW to be canceled. Yes, some of us are still upset about that. However, moving on. Cassandra was a guest on “Hart of Dixie” as Wade Kinsella’s (Wilson Bethel) mystery girl.

For all of the Wade and Zoe fans out there, you know exactly who Cassandra played because all we wanted was for Zoe and Wade to live happily ever after. But, no, of course Wade had to have slept with the mystery girl.

Entity shares shows cassandra jean has been a guest on.

Now you know who Cassandra Jean is and all the shows she’s been a guest on. Next time you see her on the screen somewhere in the background or with a few lines, you’ll be able to name her.

Hopefully we’ll see her in some starring roles soon.

Edited by Kayla Caldwell

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