ENTITY talks about hilarious female comedians

Women are taking the comedy world by storm. In fact, female comedians are growing quite rapidly in number. We, as humans, and not robots, require joy and laughter in our lives. Shocker. So what better way to get your giggle on than to listen to some hilarious female comedians with shows on Netflix? Most of all, these powerful, funny women keep coming up with content that is sure to tickle your funny bone.

1 Ali Wong

ENTITY talks all about funny female comedians on Netflix.

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As a mom of two, Wong isn’t your average comedian. Her pregnancies didn’t hold her back from taking the comedy world by storm. She performed both of her Netflix specials, “Baby Cobra” and “Hard Knock Wife,” while pregnant. Thus opening a door to more jokes about pregnancies, birth, miscarriages and C-sections and less of the played out jokes about dicks and sex.

“Giving birth is hardcore,” Wong told The New York Times. “Sex is not dirty. A C-section is dirty.”

2 Jen Kirkman

ENTITY talks about female comedians

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Jen Kirkman draws on her personal experiences as a source for her comedy. In an interview with The Guardian, Kirkman tells them how at age 40, her relationship, that she saw lasting forever, suddenly ended. However, from this experience she wrote a pilot for ABC. Just like the main character of her show, Jen decided to take a year off from relationships. She explains in her interview that “It was good to feel all the sadness and waves of grief without rebounding or trying to fall in love again.”

In her Netflix show “Just Keep Livin’?” Kirkman covers a vast amount of topics. The subjects of her jokes range from meditation to Matthew McConaughey.

3 Lauren Lapkus

ENTITY talks about hilarious female comedians.

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Lauren Lapkus has been working on her comedic skill since she was a teen. According to Vulture, Lapkus participated in her high school’s improv group. It’s no wonder why she is now most known for her improv work. She explains to Vulture that she gravitated towards improv because she “had always been funny in school,” but she was never cast in any plays. She felt in control of her comedy when she did improv, instead of feeling constrained to a script.

4 Anjelah Johnson

ENTITY talks all about funny female comedians on Netflix.

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Anjelah Johnson is not a stranger to comedic controversy. One of her most known skits talks about a common experience that many women have at nail salons. In an interview with Vogue, Johnson talked about the hate mail she received after her bit went viral. She also explained, “anybody who has seen the joke knows that it’s not mean-spirited at all.”

Her one-hour special, “Not Fancy” is available on Netflix. Johnson speaks about experiences that many women and people have on a daily basis. Her comedy will for sure have you thinking, “Oh my gosh, I thought that only happened to me!”

5 Sarah Silverman

ENTITY talks all about funny female comedians on Netflix.

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Sarah Silverman has a show on Netflix entitled “Sarah Silverman: Speck of Dust.”  Many people have fallen in love with her comedic style because of how relaxed she is. It is almost as if you are listening to a friend tell you a joke after joke.

Like many comedians, Silverman has received her share of hateful comments. In an interview with GQ she tells them that she tackles her trolls with kindness. When many celebrities would give sass right back to their haters, Silverman practices empathy. In many cases, she’s become friends with the people who were mean to her. Oftentimes she takes to Twitter to direct message them and spark a conversation.

6 Maria Bamford

ENTITY talks all about funny female comedians on Netflix.

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Maria Bamford has recently been in the spotlight because she filed a restraining order against President Donald Trump. According to TMZ, the reason Bamford filed the restraining order was due to nuclear war fears. At first, the public assumed this was all a part of Bamford’s act. However, The Daily Beast reports that she actually went to court, saw a judge and stated her case. The restraining order stated that Donald Trump is to stay 1,000 yards away from Maria Bamford at all times.

In her Netflix show “Lady Dynamite,” Maria Bamford created her character to have bipolar disorder, which Bamford also lives with in real life. She explains to The New Yorker that filming the show was difficult for her at times.

“I don’t know if it’s the meds I’m on or what, but I’m pretty sleepy throughout the whole experience,” Bamford said.

In Bamford’s comedy acts, she uses her bipolar disorder as a central theme, getting real with her mental illness, and doesn’t let it deter herself from her passions.

7 Amy Schumer

ENTITY talks about fabulous female comedians.

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In an interview with The Guardian Amy Schumer opens up about her thoughts on the #MeToo movement. She goes into detail about how the movement as a whole is a time of great vulnerability and this generation is filled with people really standing up for themselves. She’s even said the #MeToo movement “feels like, across the board, we’re getting closer to equality.”

“The Leather Special” is Schumer’s Netflix comedy special. Schumer keeps her audience engaged by incorporating her well-known raunchy humor with various pop-culture references.

It is important to lift up other women who are doing amazing things in their field. Watching these female comedians is a sure way to laugh so hard you’ll have to wipe the tears from your eyes while supporting successful women.

Edited by Nicole Sazegar

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